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We all want to be more sustainable.

Working greener is massively important to the environment, but it’s not so easy for large organisations to track the results of their sustainability programmes.

Foresight Mobile were approached in September by Ditto Sustainability to write a companion mobile app for their intelligent sustainability software platform - Rio.

Rio is an intelligent solution designed to help companies and individuals become more sustainable through data analysis, learning and governance.

Rio combines several tools such as EHS, (Environment, Health and Safety) L&D (Learning and Development) and GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) into one framework with the sole aim of increasing sustainability performance.

Rio existed already as a comprehensive web app, written by Ditto themselves. It contained two dozen separate features, so Ditto wanted to focus the feature set for the mobile app.

Foresight implemented four of the main features from the web app - to Ditto’s satisfaction! 

We’ll be adding to the mobile app functionality in the future.

Ditto’s intelligent, integrated system is used by companies such as NHS Scotland, JD Sports, Valpak, Mitie, the Ministry of Justice and the University of Kent, all of whom see the need to operate in a more sustainable manner.


We proposed using Google Flutter - the most modern and powerful cross platform development framework on the market today - to create a companion app for Rio - and Amazon Web Service’s AppsSync, a service that makes it easy to build GraphQL APIs. 

GraphQL is a modern alternative to traditional REST APIs, and was extremely easy to hook up to Flutter. AWS now officially support Flutter with their own plugin - Amplify - which allows seamless connection to AWS services. 

We helped Ditto with some of the designs and wireframes, and released simultaneously for iOS and Android in December 2020. Using Flutter gave Ditto the fastest time to market and best ROI for their new app.

Ditto have very kindly put up an excellent review of Foresight on Clutch - we’re delighted that they’re so satisfied with our work and look forward to working with them in the future. 


If you want to know more about how Manchester based Foresight Mobile produces beautiful, performant mobile and web apps using the latest Flutter technology, click here or on the picture below, we'll be delighted to set up a chat ! 

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