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Associate to Automation Developer

What attracted you to pursue a career in digital and tech?

From a young age, I've been captivated by the ever-evolving world of technology. It's remarkable to witness its transformation from rudimentary beginnings to its current advanced state, all within a single lifetime! My creative passion has driven me to understand how things function, and this curiosity has led me to a career in tech, where I can build on my skills and interests.

Here, I can create, design, and assemble solutions that never existed before. It's about taking abstract ideas and turning them into tangible, real-world solutions. I can mix my passion for understanding intricate systems with my creativity and work towards enhancing user experiences.

What steps did you take to progress your career at the Home Office, and how were you supported? 

I'm consistently observing responsibilities and skills at the next level in my career path and setting goals based on my observations and interests. This provides me with a sense of purpose and a target to work towards.   I’ve had tremendous support from my team, including regular one-on-one meetings, shadowing, training opportunities and attending networking conferences, which have increased my understanding about how digital teams work together and our organisational priorities. Within my first year at the Home Office. I progressed from an Associate Developer to now leading a development team, which has been my dream since school.

What does your day-to-day work involve, and why does it matter to you?

As an Automation Developer my daily activities include collaborating with a team of developers focused on a shared objective to automate critical processes within the Home Office. We operate within agile frameworks, using a range of tech stacks, including code and low-code solutions, to design and construct automated solutions.  It’s fulfilling to be able to create tech that makes people’s lives easier and be a part of a broad team of developers creating innovative solutions to solve complex problems. I find great purpose in serving our customers and helping to enhance national wellbeing by driving tech innovation, optimising our infrastructure to allocate resource effectively and boosting efficiency. It’s not just about technology advancement; but also making a positive impact on society, creating savings and striving for a better future.

How has your team’s work impacted UK citizens?

We've made government services more efficient, reduced wait times and ensured citizens get the help they need in a timely way.  We've improved the accuracy of services, ensuring users receive the correct information. This has resulted in cost savings. We've also made services more accessible with user-friendly online tools allowing users to interact with government. Lastly, our work contributes to national security, ensuring the safety of UK citizens and the integrity of our borders every day.  

What advice can you give to someone considering a digital and tech role at the Home Office?

1. If you’re Interested in working collaboratively, towards ambitious goals, and creating innovative products, then a career in tech is a great fit for you.

2. Take the time to understand the technologies that pique your interest.

3. Enjoy the journey. Seeing the development of innovative solutions can be incredibly satisfying.

At the Home Office, you'll have the chance to work with a diverse team of experts and contribute to projects with meaningful impacts on society. For me, it's not just a job; it's a rewarding and enjoyable experience where I know I am making a difference.

What have you found to be the biggest benefit of working at the Home Office?

The flexible and hybrid working arrangements have been a game-changer for me and allows me to manage school runs and appointments while fulfilling my professional responsibilities. There’s a variety of learning opportunities and an emphasis on personal and professional development.

Courses are available that cater to various interests and career paths which have been instrumental in enhancing my skills as a developer and leader. Working in Sheffield, I get to work with a supportive team of tech professionals in a relaxed and collaborative workspace. The office is very friendly with plenty of social events going on throughout the year!

At the Home Office we're encouraged to experiment with new concepts and continuously seek better ways of working. It’s an open and honest environment, where hierarchy doesn't dictate the flow of ideas, but creates an autonomous atmosphere which makes this one of the best places I've ever worked. I'm genuinely excited about what my team and I will achieve next in this dynamic and supportive environment.

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