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One Day Agency shares: different ways to advertise in Manchester.

Advertise in Manchester

As the second largest major city in the UK, brands that are serious about making an impact in the UK will ignore Manchester at their peril. Manchester is known across the world for its musicians and of course, its football teams, but it’s also it’s become a prime location for advertising due to economic growth and macro trends.

Manchester densely populated city that is increasingly becoming more affluent with the rise of remote working and with it businesses have been forced to increase salaries (read this article in Manchester Evening News).

In fact, the Office for National Statistics said total pay including bonuses in the UK jumped by 8.5% and outstripped inflation for the first time since March 2022 (view source).

So does this mean that Manchester is becoming a ‘mini London.’ It’s perhaps a way off that, but it does mean that brands are perhaps more interested in advertising in Manchester than ever before. 

So what is the best way to reach a Manchester audience? 

Advertising to Manchester audiences can be approached through various channels, each offering unique advantages and targeting capabilities. Here's a breakdown of some effective methods to get the attention of Manchester audiences.

1. Billboard Advertising

There are over 300 billboards in Greater Manchester. The largest digital screen in Manchester is the second-largest screen in Europe and is located on the side of Victoria Warehouse, overlooking a major traffic junction. 

Why Billboard advertising? 

  • Visibility: Billboards, especially in high-traffic areas, offer unparalleled visibility. Manchester has several prime locations where billboards can reach thousands of people daily.

  • Diversity: Options range from traditional large-scale billboards to digital billboards that allow for dynamic content changes.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: While the initial investment might seem high, the cost per impression is often lower than other media channels when considering the extensive reach.

  • Location Specific: Targeting specific neighbourhoods or routes can tailor your message to the local audience or demographic.

Read more about billboard advertising in Manchester here:

2. Taxi Advertising

There are over 2,000 ‘hackney vehicles’ supplemented by approximately 11,500 private hire vehicles in the Greater Manchester area. Taxi advertising offers:

  • Mobility: Taxi advertisements move throughout the city, offering widespread exposure.

  • Variety: Options include full wraps, interior advertisements, or ads displayed on digital screens inside taxis, reaching both pedestrians and passengers.

  • Targeting: Effective for targeting specific areas with high foot traffic or business districts, maximizing visibility among both locals and visitors.

Read more about taxi advertising in Manchester here. 

3. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

Digital Marketing practices such as Adwords are very well suited for those looking to target local searchers. Search engines localise their results depending on the type of search, making it easy for advertisers to bid on specific Manchester keywords. PPC advertising offers:

  • Digital Reach: Allows for targeting Manchester audiences through online searches and social media platforms, reaching users actively looking for related services or products.

  • Cost Efficiency: You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, allowing for efficient budget use.

  • Analytics: Detailed metrics and analytics enable you to measure performance, adjust strategies, and improve ROI.

Read more about PPC in Manchester here.

4. Advertising through TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester)

Every month, the Bee Network facilitates millions of journeys across Greater Manchester, offering an excellent chance for brands to connect with our diverse audience. That’s a lot of idle eyes in a captive environment. Here are the main benefits:

  • Extensive Network: TfGM controls a vast network of trams, buses, and train services, offering multiple advertising opportunities from station posters to vehicle wraps.

  • Diverse Audience: Captures a wide-ranging demographic as people from all walks of life use public transport.

  • Strategic Locations: Advertising at major transport hubs or on specific routes can target geographical areas or specific commuter groups.

5. Bus Advertising

In 2023, Manchester launched a new bus network (collectively known as the Bee network) with an emphasis on energy-efficient buses, to help move the UK towards its carbon zero targets. This presents further opportunities for advertisers to advertise across this new network. Bus advertising offers:

  • Visibility: Buses cover extensive routes across Manchester, ensuring your advertisement is seen by a broad audience.

  • Flexibility: Offers various formats including rear ads, full wraps, and interior banners, catering to different budget levels and campaign goals.

  • Community Presence: Establishes a strong local presence, as buses are a daily fixture in people’s lives, often seen multiple times by the same individuals.

Read more about Manchester bus advertising here:

Implementing Your Advertising Strategy

When planning your advertising strategy in Manchester, consider the following steps:

  • Audience Research: Understand the demographics, interests, and habits of your target Manchester audience.

  • Budget Planning: Allocate your budget across different channels based on your campaign goals and audience research.

  • Creative Development: Tailor your creative assets to match the medium and the audience's preferences or behaviours.

  • Performance Monitoring: Use analytics and feedback to measure the effectiveness of each advertising method and adjust your strategy accordingly.

If you’re looking for an Ad agency in Manchester that knows the area get in touch with One Day today. We’re based in the very heart of Greater Manchester and can help brands to effectively reach and communicate with a Manchester audience.

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