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One Day Agency boosts You to new speeds.

One Day Agency with YouFibre

Founded by Jeremy Chelot in 2019, YouFibre now rebranded to You is committed to delivering ultrafast and ultra-affordable broadband internet through full fibre to UK homes. Earlier this year they received £230 million in funding with their sister Netomnia to further accelerate their growth trajectory. 

You is expanding its fibre service to many new areas across the UK. They engaged with One Day Agency to help boost awareness and drive sign-ups through a hyperlocal media plan, encompassing thousands of placements across various formats and environments.


Laurence Beauchamp-Ward from One Day’s growth team said: “This has been a great campaign to work on, as we have really been able to demonstrate our point of difference as an agency. You detailed understanding of ready-to-service areas, big data and audiences, meant we could plan very strategically with minimal wastage. We overlaid 1st and 3rd party data with our internal planning tool, so we can locate formats and media owners that fall within immediate proximity of the desired postcodes. We are excited to see how our media mix will support the direct sales team!.”


Ryan, You’s Managing Director, comments, "Our partnership with One Day has allowed us to land our brand campaign with maximum impact in the right locations - painting the towns green! This is our first scale brand campaign - we now look forward to building on this success and seeing our brand go from strength to strength.”

The Manchester agency through 2023 continues its accelerated growth doubling staff at their Manchester HQ through their International clients in the USA & Europe. Further client wins are to be announced soon!

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