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Onepoint shines bright at the National Apprenticeship Awards

We are excited to share the news — Onepoint Consulting Ltd has clinched the coveted title of SME Employer of the Year for the London Region at the prestigious National Apprenticeship Awards 2023.

A heartfelt thank you to #Annette Allmark of #BCS and #Neil Weller for presenting us with this remarkable award at the regional ceremony.

This achievement propels Onepoint into the national spotlight, making us a finalist for the National Apprenticeship Awards 2023. Now in their 20th year, these awards recognise and honour employers who harness the power of apprenticeships, outstanding apprentices who shine brightly, and individuals who fervently champion the cause of apprenticeships.

This moment is etched in Onepoint's history as unforgettable. Shashin Shah, our visionary Founder and CEO, expressed his emotions by saying, "I am humbled, grateful, and delighted. This prestigious accolade has filled the entire Onepoint family with immense joy and pride. It serves as a beacon, inspiring us to set even higher standards and achieve more through our apprenticeship programme."

We extend our sincere appreciation to the esteemed panel of judges, and a special shoutout to #Janet Rowson from the #University of West London, whose inspiration led us to pursue this prestigious accolade. It's an added delight to witness Janet's broader contributions acknowledged with her well-deserved title of Apprenticeship Champion of the Year.

Our gratitude overflows, and we would like to express our deepest appreciation to our dedicated apprentices, valued clients, cherished partners, the University of West London, and the unwavering commitment of the entire Onepoint team. Your support and dedication played a pivotal role in achieving this remarkable feat.

A resounding thank you goes out to the fabulous #Chanise Evans, our gracious host, the meticulous event organisers, the discerning judges, and the fellow nominees and winners who added to the grandeur of the gala event in London, making it an 🌟 We're excited to be a national finalist at the National Apprenticeship Awards 2023. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey! unforgettable experience.

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