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AmafestUK 2023 - Amazon Sellers Conference Speaker Slides

Amazon Sellers Conference London UK

Imagine a day dedicated solely to Amazon sellers aiming to elevate their businesses – that's #AmafestUK! During our 2023 conference in Brighton, we welcomed over 150 attendees from across the globe, including the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada.

Exciting news! We've compiled all the insightful presentations from our speakers. If you have yet to attend our conference, join our email updates to stay informed about our upcoming events. Don't miss this opportunity! Stay tuned!

Christopher Khoo | Khoo Commerce

Amazon Vendor Operations – Save Your Company £10000s Per Year

Sergii Timoschuk & Oleksandr Bezhan |Ams Pilot

Effective Amazon PPC Advertising Strategies For Seasonal Product Dominance

Carina McLeod | Ecommercenurse

What are the top 5 levers to Amazon success in 2024?

David Miller | David Allen Miller Law, PLLC

How to Prevent and Resolve Amazon Suspensions

Brent Zahradnik | AMZ Pathfinder

Why AMS Is The #1 Change in Amazon Advertising in 2023 and what to do about it

Sebastian Herz | Zignify Global Product Sourcing

How to find manufacturers in China and the rest of the World, and How to save a lot of money in sourcing.

Lesley Hensell | Riverbend Consulting

Let Seller Performance Make You Money

Hannah Whitlock | Red Dog PPC

Using Sponsored Display advertising in Q4

Christopher Ball |

Doing the right things at the right time – How to build your marketplace strategy


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