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Four ways PR can enhance the impact of your HR tech business

As organisations continue to digitise and streamline their internal processes, for HR teams that sit at the heart of a business’s internal operations for managing their workforce, they are increasingly looking to adopt digital tools to enhance their day-to-day duties. As such, the HR tech space has skyrocketed in growth. 

In 2020, the industry was estimated to be worth approximately £13 billion and by 2025, it is estimated to grow to a whopping £22 billion. Growth is being driven by a myriad of factors including the increased use of cloud-based solutions, the need for more efficient HR processes, and increased demand for HR data and analytics. But, to cut through the noise and secure leads, enhancing your reputation, and retaining crucial in-demand talent is becoming a herculean task. So how can PR help to ensure that your HR tech business is in it for the long-haul? Here are four reasons how.

PR can maximise your business’s reputation in the media

PR professionals have an arsenal of tools and practices at their disposal to maximise a client’s profile and reputation in the media. The relationship between media representatives and PR practitioners is part and parcel of how the industry works and as your eyes and ears on the ground, we have all the experience to get your HR tech business placed in the media.

From identifying trending topics and reactive feature opportunities to allow you to ‘newsjack’ and place your brand at the front of a conversation to media relations, whereby PR professionals build strong relationships with journalists and publications covering the sector, PR can be your mouthpiece to build you presence in the media putting your business in front of thousands of eyes.

Let PR tell your founder story

Shining a spotlight on those within your organisation who have got you to where you are today is a great way to raise your profile. If your business has a fascinating origin story, let your PR team find opportunities to share it in the media. For example, Microsoft’s founder story plays a significant role in shaping the company’s culture, value and brand identity. It’s crucial that your founder story is genuine, however, otherwise people will see straight through it. If the founder story isn’t unusual or newsworthy, raising the profile of other members of your senior leadership team through bespoke thought leadership content can also have far-reaching benefits. This can help to enhance the personality of your business – allowing you to stand out amongst your competitors.

PR can enhance your ability to retain great talent

It’s no secret that businesses across a multitude of sectors are struggling to retain talent. 88% of the UK workforce experienced burnout in the last two years and industry buzzwords such as ‘the great resignation’ and ‘quiet quitting’ demonstrate that HR teams are struggling to retain talent within their organisation. Combine that with a wave of redundancies across the tech sector and the forecast seems unpredictable. However, PR can be a vital tool to aid you in these uncertain times – showcasing your organisation in the best possible light on an internal and external basis to keep that crucial talent happy, motivated and productive. From creating and distributing internal comms highlighting the positive values and company culture, to employee advocacy programs, PR professionals can help spotlight what makes your business a great place to work – helping those already within the organisation feel valued in their workplace.

Enhancing your marketing strategy

PR is far from a one-trick pony and PR practitioners are equipped with a multitude of skills and services to help your HR tech business attract new leads to keep business growth healthy. From a wealth of content marketing options (including whitepapers and case studies showcasing the educational potential of your products and services) to influencer outreach programs where influencers within your target market are onboarded to help drive your brand to generate leads, as well as event management and thought leadership content. We’ve already touched upon the positive impact thought leadership content can generate in terms of establishing your C-level personnel as visionaries in the sector, but what about lead generation? A consistent stream of top tier thought leadership content can help keep the tap running for attracting leads and new business as not only does showcase trust with your target audience, it can showcase your unique voice in a crowded market as you demonstrate expertise and the value of your products and services.

Interested in adopting PR to enhance the reputation of your HR tech business? See what services we can offer you here.

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