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Navigating a new horizon: the impact of the UK 2024 general election on B2B PR and marketing

Skout Blog General Election

Times of change are afoot. With the UK general election poised for July 4th, the population of the UK will make a collective decision and if early polls are to be believed, it’s highly likely that we’ll witness a change in government. Experts and political analysts are anticipating that this election will bring a wind of change, and whoever celebrates this victory in July must ensure that economic recovery is pivotal to their policies. For us B2B PR and marketing professionals, we’re keeping our eye on the election and preparing the shifts that a new government could bring.. Here’s what potential changes and benefits that the upcoming election could usher in for B2B PR and marketing.

Economic policies to surge business confidence

A new government often brings policy reforms and changes that can significantly alter the B2B landscape for PR and marketing professionals. Therefore understanding these proposed policy changes is crucial. For instance, the Labour Party manifesto pledges to support the development of the artificial intelligence (AI) with new datacentres. If this to become a reality, it’s likely businesses within these industries will see a surge in in funding and support. For agencies like ours that specialise in PR and marketing services for sectors such as tech, we must be ready to capitalise on these new opportunities

Policy shifts and regulatory changes

A new government often brings with it new policies that can impact a host of different industries. For instance, should the Conservative Party retain power following the election, their manifesto states that they intend to not raise corporation tax and will support SME businesses with a business rates support package worth £4.3 billion. B2B PR and marketing agencies must be ready on how to navigate these changes should they become a reality, advising clients on how to leverage new government incentives and communicate their alignment with emerging policies to their customers.

Global trade policies and global PR relations

As an island nation, the UK is heavily reliant on international trade. For independent nations such as ourselves, much of a government’s foreign policy relies on trade deals and relations with countries around the world to keep the balance of trade finely poised. Depending on the result of July’s general election, we could experience a shift in policy. At the heart of The Liberal Democrats manifesto is a pledge to rejoin the European Union’s Single Market, aiming to “fix the UK’s broken relationship with Europe”. Labour, on the other hand, intends to stay out of the EU but aims to enhance the UK’s trade and investment relationship with the bloc.

For B2B PR and marketing agencies, it’s essential to be prepared to support fresh opportunities with businesses overseas. This requires tailored PR strategies for various markets and territories.

An enhanced focus on sustainability and ethical practices

With the climate crisis being a major political and humanitarian issue, it’s not surprising that we’ve seen a number of varying pledges for green initiatives in election manifestos. Labour aim to invest £24 billion in green initiatives, the Conservative Party have pledged to build the first two carbon capture and storage clusters, and the Green Party intend to massively expand the UK’s offshore wind power. For B2B PR and marketing professionals, it’s important to help clients effectively communicate their efforts in adopting ethical and sustainable business practices. This will not only help clients continue to build a positive reputation but also support agencies in cementing their position as an essential piece of the marketing puzzle.

Regardless of who emerges victorious on July 4th, the general election is set to be a pivotal event that could usher in significant changes to the B2B PR and marketing landscape. By staying informed about the potential shifts in policy, B2B PR and marketing agencies can better prepare to leverage these changes for the benefit of their clients. Anticipating these transformations and adapting their strategies accordingly will be key to navigating the evolving landscape and seizing new opportunities for growth and success.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business navigate the business landscape after the outcome of the 2024 UK general election.

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