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TikTok Advertising: Is It Worth the Investment for B2B Companies? (written by a Gen Z)

TikTok is increasingly being used as a platform for B2B companies to implement their marketing strategy, aiding in brand exposure, lead generation and profile building. But, where does paid TikTok advertising come into play? Is it an effective tool to engage with B2B audiences, or is the ROI just not worth it? 

If you’re the least bit social media savvy, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a TikTok video. With over 1 billion monthly active users, since its infancy, TikTok’s content has evolved from dancing, lip syncing and ‘renegading’ towards a whole host of niches. From Food TikTok to Frog TikTok, the social media app’s audience has rapidly grown to span interests, ages and platforms – and it’s easy to find a community for almost everything.  

So, with TikTok’s viral trends, immense popularity and worldwide reach, it’s no surprise that B2B advertisers and marketers are hopping on the app to promote their product, service or brand. While TikTok is already being used by 61% of B2B companies in their overall marketing strategy (here’s a great article as to why they should!), there is debate as to whether TikTok advertising is worth the investment. While TikTok marketing is part of a broader and more organic strategy, TikTok advertising involves paying to promote your product, service or brand across the app. This includes investing in promotional tools like feed-in ads, sponsored hashtag challenges, and brand take-overs, meaning your audience is being directly targeted…at a price.  

TikTok Advertising for B2B Companies

With these advertising tools available for a fee, it’s vital to consider their cost effectiveness before you cough up – more so if you’re a B2B company. TikTok is typically geared towards consumer-focussed content and younger demographics, while B2B companies primarily target a more niche audience. That being said, with TikTok’s wealth of niche communities, the app may well be a good match for your B2B business, especially if you’re targeting a younger audience or advertising a unique product or service.  

With the right approach, TikTok can be a very valuable advertising platform for B2B companies, allowing them to reach new markets in a new and engaging way, on a relatively small entry-level budget. With significantly less B2B businesses on the app than B2C, advertisers have more opportunity to build their brand, tap into their niche and generate engagement.  

All in all, TikTok advertising has both benefits and disadvantages for B2B companies aiming to expand their reach, often depending on their individual goals and target audiences.  

Here are some pros and cons to give you a wider perspective: 


TikTok advertising provides access to a wider and more diverse audience 

With such a staggering number of active users (which is only increasing), and video advertising on the rise, there is huge potential to reach untapped markets with TikTok. The popularity of the platform has also taken TikTok worldwide, as the app is now available in 154 countries with 75 different languages. So, if your B2B company operates internationally, then advertising through TikTok allows exposure to markets overseas.  

TikTok advertising can reach all generations   

If your B2B company is aiming to target younger groups though social media advertising, it’s a no-brainer – TikTok is your go-to, with 41% of TikTok’s user base comprising of Gen Z. However, this doesn’t mean that every user is aged between 16 and 24, as this leaves the other 59% of TikTok users to be made up of Millennial, GenX and Baby Boomer generations. Who knows, your Grandad could be an avid TikTok user!  

TikTok has different advertising formats to encourage engagement 

TikTok offers a wealth of advertising options, allowing your B2B company to select the best method that works for your organisation – and your budget, too. These formats include everything from TtopVview ads that appear at the top of a user’s page when they first open the app, to in-feed ads that allow users to like, share and comment, increasing engagement with your brand. Paid influencer advertising can also be implemented, allowing influential ‘TikTokers’ to share their authentic accounts of using your product or service, in turn maximising reach.  


Limited focus on B2B content 

TikTok is undoubtedly consumer-oriented for the most part, so the app may not align with the goals or messaging associated with your B2B company, possibly making it more difficult to reach a specific and niche target audience.  


Advertising on TikTok can be expensive and may not offer the same level of return on investment as other platforms that can be more tailored to B2B target audiences. According to TikTok, an advertising campaign can be priced at anywhere from £600-1500 per campaign per month, so it’s important to consider whether these figures suit your budget.  

All in all, investing in TikTok ads as part of your overall TikTok marketing strategy does have its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. It’s a great one to consider if you’re already implementing Tiktok marketing, as the paid ads can generate high engagement and increase your B2B brand’s exposure alongside your organic TikTok marketing strategy. However, it’s crucial to consider not only your target audience, but your budget too, to determine whether TikTok ads can work for you.  

Looking for help with your social media strategy? Learn more about our approach here.  

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