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AI in Action

What did we discuss at Slalom Connects 2023? Here's a quick recap of some top innovations we showcased at the event:


Go Faster

AI-powered productivity enhancers. What if you could go faster? Watch our examples of AI-powered marketing content creation, packaging design, and large document management.

Differentiate Products & Services

How can you differentiate your products and services at lightning speed? Watch our examples of AI-powered shopping assistants, customer services, and financial advisory.

Digital Humans

Meet Vivi, Virgin Voyages first digital human! Built on the Salesforce platform, Vivi leverages RAG architecture, generative AI, Salesforce Knowledge and the Einstein Bot framework to create an informative, conversational chatbot. Vivi can answer multi-part questions by drawing on the Virgin Voyages' knowledge base and answers in their tone conversationally. As agents converse with customers, Slalom's framework suggests and drafts Salesforce Knowledge Articles to be reviewed and approved by the Virgin Voyages Sailor Services team, so Vivi gets smarter and smarter as time goes on!

Exploring positive disruption with cutting-edge tech

Augmented Reality: information at your eyes

‘MingleMaster 3000’ surfaces predictive analytics about someone (who’ve accepted T&Cs to participate!) Look at someone and facial recognition identifies them and shows their name and their personality profile, based on their LinkedIn footprint Including example questions to ask them (tailored to their profile type) based on ChatGPT.


Virtual Reality: hands-on training powered by AI

Often the best way to learn is with muscle memory. There are many situations when real-life training isn’t possible e.g. major fire hazard response, or teaching a construction worker how to prevent a fall when working on a skyscrape. We’re using VR to help people learn a new physical skill. The tool can check a trainee’s ability to do the correct physical action or not.


Unlocking the possibilities of AI with Slalom

Slalom works with you wherever you are in your AI maturity - whether you're not sure how to get started or want to significantly advance your strategy.


Contact us to find out how we can help.

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