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Manchester Data Centre Invests £125k into Advanced Security Technologies

Manchester data centre operator TeleData, has invested £125,000 into a completely refreshed and technologically advanced logical and physical security system at its facility close to Airport City in Wythenshawe.

The new security system incorporates cutting edge CCTV cameras, including thermal imaging devices to minimise false alarms and improve the accuracy of detection; Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR); a new security entrance portal with multi-factor authentication and anti-tailgating technology; and highly secure perimeter speed gates. Systems will be permanently monitored by an onsite, BS5979 certified and police-linked security centre to enable higher levels of security and visitor validation whilst enhancing ease of access for authorised personnel. The new system also incorporates a site wide audio-challenge facility.

The thermal imaging cameras offer a valuable additional layer of security to the existing CCTV and access control equipment, while audio challenge enables the operator of monitored CCTV to address a person who has activated the system using speakers, allowing an exchange in conversation between the operator and person identified.

Commenting on the investment, Matthew Edgley, Commercial Director for TeleData said: “The enhanced technology allows our security operatives to effectively monitor our facility at night time when visibility is poor. Security is about keeping assets, property and people safe. For this to be effective there has to be a focus on proactivity; a method of intervention that stops any potential incidents of threat, crime, damage or vandalism before they develop into a negative or catastrophic event. Effective prevention systems that utilise the latest in technological security advancements, ensure round the clock protection of our Manchester data centres.”

TeleData provides colocation and cloud hosting services to businesses across the UK from an ISO27001-compliant facility in Manchester. The building already has some of the most sophisticated security of any data centre in Europe, with an on-site police-linked, NSI Gold Approved, BS5979 certified control room and alarm receiving centre making TeleData unique in the UK.

Founded in 2007, TeleData UK provides colocation, cloud hosting, workplace recovery and data centre services. The firm’s solutions are designed to enable organisations to protect their applications, data and online presence from the damaging effects of downtime, and to make the most effective and efficient use of technology with secure and scalable hosting platforms tailored to business critical needs.

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