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Complete free online Excel VBA course now live

If you would like to learn how to program in VBA in Excel, you can now learn to do that with a completely free online course by Wise Owl Training.

The Excel VBA course has seven modules, each broken down into smaller sections of lessons and topics.

The course material is just as you’d expect from Wise Owl Training: highly knowledgeable and in-depth, but explained in plain English.

There are text and video explanations, and if you’re one of the over 140,000 Wise Owl YouTube subscribers, you'll know how comprehensive these tutorials are.

At the end of each module, there are exercises to test out whether you’ve understood everything, and a multiple-choice test to compare your understanding of the module with other people’s.

There are seven modules in the Excel VBA online training course. They are:

  1. Getting started in VBA

  2. Moving around in Excel

  3. Conditions and Loops

  4. Variables, Parameters and Functions

  5. Messages and User Inputs

  6. Collections and Loops

  7. Error Handling

You can now access the free online Excel VBA training course on the Wise Owl website - you don’t even need to log in to start.

During the rest of the year, Wise Owl Training plan to publish three more free online training courses: 

  • An introduction to writing SQL

  • How to write and use DAX

  • Using range names in Excel.

This will run alongside Wise Owl's regular scheduled Microsoft training at Barlow House in Manchester and Holland House in London, and the on-site training courses delivered at clients’ premises across the UK.

Find out more about Wise Owl Training courses.

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