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The Three Layers of Culture: Creating a people-centred workplace

10 July 2024 9:30 - 11:30

Brought to you in association with Manchester Digital.

As competition for talent and clients intensifies, ambitious organisations need to develop a framework for the behaviours that foster a positive, people-first culture. Whether you are shaking off an old culture that is no longer fit for purpose, or breathing life into existing values and behaviours, your organisation is at its own unique cultural stage.

Building on our foundations of leadership excellence and enduring principles, this free event gives you the opportunity discuss culture challenges with expert facilitators and peers from across the region. You will also learn about Dale Carnegie’s global research into the elements that make up successful people-first business cultures and get the chance to learn and share brilliant ideas about creating a buzz in your workplace.

Who should attend?

Senior leaders, L&D and anyone responsible for workplace culture initiatives

What You’ll Learn

Why culture is important .  

Your personal responsibilities and remit for delivering a positive culture.

Culture best practices at the level of individual interaction, team ethos, and whole organisation philosophy.

Findings from Dale Carnegie’s global research.

Ideas from Dale Carnegie leadership and culture experts, as well as other business leaders.

Why You Want To Learn It

Culture is the bedrock for business success, affecting engagement, customer experience, productivity, performance management, innovation, creativity, reputation, and ultimately, and bottom-line results.

How It Will Help You

You will gain clarity on the building blocks of culture and be inspired to drive your culture with a practical toolkit to put straight into practice. 

10 July 2024 9:30 - 11:30

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