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Originality vs Herd Mentality

This event has now ended.
7 April 2017 8:00 - 10:00

Quite often the first person to enter the market with a new idea isn’t always the person who makes it a success (Friendster, MySpace anyone?)

Given that start ups are labelled as the disruptors, innovators and inventors of the future, is there an argument that the herd mentality all too often creeps in? Do any truly innovative start ups actually exist? Or has the industry become so risk averse that emulating an existing idea is more attractive?

We’ll ask a panel of start ups what they think (and let you decide whether they’re innovative or not!) and how important they believe it is to be original.

We’ll also ask a VC their opinion on the matter. How much risk is involved with a truly innovative company and who offers the more attractive investment opportunity?

Speakers confirmed so far include:
James Mulvany, Founder/CEO at
Samantha Deakin, Founding Partner, Campus Capital
Tim Langley, CEO at CANDDi
Matt Cooling, UKI Business Development Manager at Cisco

This is the eighth event in our Start Up Stories series and will be chaired once again by Richard Gregory, Director of Tech North.

7 April 2017 8:00 - 10:00
Neo, Charlotte Street, Manchester, M1 4ET

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