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Mastering Mindsets for Collaboration by Dr Annette Bramley (N8 Research Partnership)

Join us at the Pankhurst Institute Seminar Series and learn how to cultivate the perfect mindset for effective collaboration.

Collaboration is MORE than just working together; it's about creating an alchemical blend of diverse perspectives and talents that elevates our collective intelligence. There are loads of tools out there for getting into collaboration, but if you don’t have the right mindset nothing is going to happen. If having information got results, everyone would have results, right now.

It’s having the mindset, the support and the community that will make the difference.

Join us for an engaging session with Annette Bramley, Executive Director of the N8 Research Partnership and co-author of the book Research Collaboration: a step by step guide to success, to explore the fascinating world of mindsets for collaboration.

From the curiosity of Leonardo da Vinci to the ingenuity of Grace Hopper, we’ll draw inspiration from great pioneers from diverse fields. Escape the insidious clutches of ego, fear, scarcity and fixed thinking and discover how to create an environment that fosters trust, empathy, and psychological safety—essential ingredients for effective collaboration.

Get ready to change the way you think, collaborate, and thrive in today's interconnected world.

The Pankhurst Seminar series provides an opportunity to experience talk and discussion from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives, reflecting the diverse and inter-disciplinary character of the Christabel Pankhurst Institute. The series includes general seminars on the broad topic of health technology research and innovation as well as themed seminars on Digital Health Inequities (delivered by the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Greater Manchester), Prediction Modelling, and the International Centre for Translational Digital Health (ICTDH).

14 December 2023 11:00 - 12:00
Christabel Pankhurst Building, Dover Street Emmeline Suite - Ground floor Manchester M13 9PS

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