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The “Expand Your Opportunities” recruitment campaign made its debut in 2020, primarily aimed at attracting 16-18-year-old school leavers and mature students. It has enjoyed two successful recruitment cycles across various platforms.

For the 2024 Campaign, Edge Hill University sought to depart from the previous theme and styling centred around the “ripple effect.” They also aimed to retire the “It begins at” messaging, redirecting their focus towards a fresh narrative to strengthen the campaign.

The Insight
As part of the 2024 campaign refresh, the marketing team wanted to create a fresh set of hero images that would not only harmonise with the previous campaign but also evolve the photography style.

Their objective was to integrate a greater number of individuals into the visuals, showcasing the sense of community at the Edge Hill campus and conveying the student experience.

These images were required to depict students who exude approachability, friendliness, and confidence within a welcoming and vibrant campus setting.

The Idea
Building upon the established campaign line, “Expand Your Opportunities,” our emphasis in crafting the supporting narrative was on motivation and inspiration, all the while showcasing Edge Hill University as an institution rich in heritage and equipped with contemporary facilities.

For this campaign, we’ve embraced a colour scheme transitioning from deep purple to a warm sandy hue, drawing inspiration from their refreshed brand palette. Additionally, we have incorporated the typeface from their updated brand to ensure alignment with their overall brand identity.

The Delivery
The rollout of the campaign began with brand awareness, initially promoting the new messaging across a variety of print and digital channels. Throughout the course of the campaign the emphasis will become more targeted to specific subjects and key selling points of the university, such as the beautiful campus and their supportive nature.

We have created a comprehensive and engaging campaign toolkit to guide the Edge Hill team.

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