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Manchester digital agency Access goes the extra mile for client WaterAid

They’ve designed and managed their website for nearly three years –  now the team at Manchester digital agency Access are going the extra mile for their client WaterAid with an epic charity challenge that will see them cover 5,777 miles - the distance from Manchester to Madagascar - by foot, bike and rowing machine!

With an ambition to raise at least £5,777 for the charity, the agency is also hoping to highlight the crucial work that the charity does in Madagascar.

Access staff and their counterparts at WaterAid are taking part in the challenge. Working in two teams, they are collectively walking, running, cycling, rowing, swimming and even climbing a combined total of 5,777 miles. Adding a competitive element, one team started in Manchester and the other in Madagascar to see who can (virtually) reach the mid-way point around Mecca first.

For Access Managing Director, Simon Landi, launching the fundraiser is also about motivating the team to stay active and well while working remotely.  He said: “The past 12 months have been tough for everyone physically and mentally so we wanted to kick off the beginning of this year with a charity initiative that would bring us together, challenge us and encourage staff to take a break from their screens and get outside – whether that be a gentle walk or a challenging bike ride, all whilst raising money and awareness for an incredible cause.

“We’ve missed being able to do group sports and wellbeing activities in our office-based lunch breaks, so this has got everyone collaborating and supporting each other to give it everything that they’ve got as they race to be first to the target.

“We’ve already reached more than half of our target - and nearly covered 4,000 miles - so it would be great if our peers and friends in fellow businesses around the region showed their support by making a donation – to spur the team on further.”   

Simon added: “We’ve been WaterAid’s global web development partner for almost three years and we are continually inspired and amazed at the life changing work they do. We’re having lots of fun doing this challenge with them and they’ve been brilliant at encouraging us - they gave us a motivational kick off presentation and we're working closely with their Field Officer in Madagascar, Ernest, on a Q&A session soon to chat about their work in Madagascar. He's also provided us with a Spotify playlist and encouragement along the way.

“WaterAid’s latest awareness campaign called ‘Mission to Mars’ is extremely moving, highlighting the juxtaposition between our desire to go to Mars to see if life can exist there (mainly by researching for water) – compared with people here on earth (like the families the charity supports in Madagascar), who are still dreaming of finding water right here on our own planet.

“It was this campaign that compelled us to step outside our comfort zones and raise money and awareness for the people who struggle to find one of our most basic, yet vital, human resources.

“You can keep up to date with our progress, and the race to Mecca, within our daily update blog and anyone who would like to donate to the challenge can do so via our Just Giving page.”

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