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Dfavo and Housemates strike up international partnership

Two leading higher education technology companies have struck up an innovative partnership that is set to benefit students worldwide.

Manchester-headquartered Housemates, the provider of an instant booking student accommodation marketplace, has joined forces with Norway-based edtech company Dfavo. 

As well as offering services from institution and program selection to visa and study permit applications and more, Dfavo will now make Housemates’ inventory available across its platforms. 

Dfavo Chief Partnerships Officer Tom Pinder said its partnership with Housemates has been designed to ease student concerns relating to increasing education costs and the extremely competitive accommodation landscape. 

He said: “Dfavo's partnership with Housemates is a match made with students in mind.

“By pairing our Scandinavian, egalitarian, and progressive values with Housemates' mission to democratise access to affordable, quality, and secure accommodation, wherever students choose to study, we're confident that this relationship helps meet the rising demand for PBSA and private housing options alike in a fair and equitable way.

“The partnership means we are providing students with access to thousands of accommodation options to suit their needs on a single platform, enabling them to arrange the pursuit of their degree and living arrangements all in one place,” added Tom.  

“Our mission is to both simplify and improve the process through which international students can achieve their higher education dream, and to that end this partnership with Housemates represents a huge step towards that.”

The Dfavo partnership follows the recent launch of Housemates Connect API, an intuitive booking engine which enables businesses to unlock revenue by offering fast and secure student accommodation. 

Lydia Jones is CEO of Housemates, a platform used by students from over 20 countries which lists more than 1.2 million beds across the UK, Ireland and Australia. 

She said: “This partnership is another critical milestone in Housemates’ journey. 

“Dfavo handled more than 65,000 student applications last year and will continue to play a pivotal role in the lives of students worldwide.  

“With the seamless integration of Housemates’ offer on Dfavo’s platforms, students will be provided with a one-stop-shop that has been designed to make their experience, during a stressful period, much easier.

“Dfavo and Housemates share the same values and both boast unique and disruptive platforms which is why we are very excited to bring our services together.”

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