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Which Digital Marketing trends should you implement?

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing is an incredibly useful tool that is worth its weight in gold, providing a big boost to your business, whether it’s a small family-run brick-and-mortar store or a tech-focused Start-Up. Its goal is to help connect you with your potential customers by using the internet and other similar forms of digital communication.

So, what digital marketing trends are worth investing your time and resources into?

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important For Small Businesses?

SMEs and Start-Ups need digital marketing in order to succeed nowadays.

Consumers are constantly on their phones, whether that be browsing the internet, checking their social media, or even looking for new deals and products. An effective digital marketing strategy will make the customer journey as simple as possible and help you to reach new people in your target demographic.

Digital marketing is far more cost-effective when compared to traditional forms of marketing like radio/tv advertisements and untargeted leaflet drops. Another benefit of digital marketing is that it’s far more measurable than older forms of marketing. This means that you can improve your strategy and work to lower your marketing costs without losing enquiries or sales!

What Trends Should Your Business Use To Grow Your Brand?

Make Full Use Of New Marketing Avenues

Have you ever tried using TikTok to market your products or services? With TikTok, the amount of users you can target is astronomical. As of this moment in time, there are currently 1 billion monthly active users. There is a high chance that your target market is accessing the app on a daily basis. By marketing yourself there - either via product placements and influencer partnerships or by creating content and challenges yourself, you could see a big uptick in your business’s sales.

Digital marketers need to take TikTok more seriously as it’s still a growing platform, while other forms of social media, such as Facebook, have seen a decline recently due to the rise of new platforms. TikTok isn’t just for kids either. With its growing popularity comes more and more users from different backgrounds, ages, and interests too.

Secure Talent With The Right Skill Sets

Due to the importance that digital marketing now has, there are many experts in the field who have the right skill sets to help your business flourish online. Digital marketing is different to traditional marketing, so naturally, the skill sets that are needed to perform the roles are not the same.

If you have a marketing professional within the business who doesn’t have the necessary skills for digital marketing, there are a wealth of training courses online and in-person that can help them to better understand the digital landscape and hone their skills. It is worth investing in these to help empower your team to attract attention online. Digital marketing is the future, so ensuring your team is confident in these channels is key.

Focus On First-Party Data Going Forward

Finally, the last digital marketing trend you should already be considering is first-party data. First-party data will surely become the norm in the future when third-party cookies eventually come to an end following the passage of CCPA, ePR, and GDPR. As such, digital marketers need to be aware of the rules and look elsewhere instead.

First-party data involves information on customers collected via different methods such as web or mobile app behaviour, in-store or call centre interactions, purchase history, and loyalty status. Before third-party cookies are abolished for good, digital marketers should hop onto the first-party bandwagon and get to grips with it early doors. This will make sure that your business is one step ahead of the competition, and ease you into a new practice that will be integral.

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