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The North’s Got Talent

Tech start-up, Caroo, has revealed the most sought-after roles across the North, as well as the jobs that some of the region’s biggest brands are desperate to fill.


Since launching in January 2019, the recruitment platform has seen over 10,000 candidate profiles be created with people looking for roles across the thriving tech, digital and creative sectors. 


Candidate profiles are anonymous – they simply detail their skills, interests and experience. At the point of expressing interest in a role - candidates reveal their full profile including videos, images, text and tags for their professional and personal career highlights. 


The top three roles where candidates are actively looking for roles are:

  • Customer support
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Design


Gareth Peterson, managing director of Caroo, said: “The interest from perspective candidates has been amazing and the fact we have got over 10,000 profiles is incredible. Companies looking to recruit need to take note and get uploading roles for all these perspective employees! Everyone keeps saying there’s a talent shortage, not on Caroo, we’ve got far more candidates browsing than we have roles (in every business function/department).”


Over 300 brands in the North-West and Yorkshire are looking to expand their teams across a wide variety of roles. 


The top three areas Manchester employers are desperate to find talent for:

  • Marketing/communications
  • Software engineers
  • IT and IT System admin


Gareth continued: “We’ve said all along that we wanted to take recruitment to the next level using inspiration from the dating industry. We look to match candidate’s interests, experience and talent with a future employers’ wish list for the roles they are looking to fill.


“What’s really interesting to see is that over the last three months alone we have seen 85 per cent increase in ‘matching’ between brands and candidates which shows the algorithm is working really well!”


Recruitment platform, Caroo, uses algorithms to identify, match and notify candidates about roles that suit their skills and experience across a variety of head office job opportunities. Candidate profiles are anonymous, and no data is collected on gender, age, or race etc – it’s purely down to skills, interests and experience. 


The platform is free to any businesses within the North West and Yorkshire until April 2020 and is free for all candidates too. 


For further information on Caroo please visit its website

Explore jobs at Caroo

Sales Manager (tech & digital)

How recruitment should be.We’re not going to tell you that we’re game-changing. Or revolutionary. Or even harp on about how good we are at this, or that. Nope, we’re just going to keep things normal. Casual. Simple. Because that’s exactly how recruitment should be. No fancy widgets. No flashing lights. Just great companies, awesome talent, and smart tech to bring the two together.The Caroo platform is designed by its community, and we’ve had some of the biggest brands in the North West help shape it. And now we're in to phase two: creating a content marketing platform so that you can build a genuine following for your brand, without having to pay to promote it. Nope, push content to the professionals that want to see it and we'll guarantee it lands on their Caroo newsfeed (no extra cost). To make sure we grow the community and get more feedback to improve the product, we are offering unlimited jobs, unlimited content, no cap on users and account support for: 12 months for £1,490+vat (or £399+vat per quarter). Reasons to Caroo a try:No recruitment agencies. Because you wanted it that way.Relevant matches. We don’t use job titles because they mean something different to everybody. Instead, we match people based on skills and experience, and only notify the right people.When you're both interested the chat is open and you can take it from there.We built a newsfeed, with a difference. The content that appears to our app users is relevant to them. As the employer you can target people based on skills, geography, job function, and show professionals what its like to work with you, the cool project you work on and other employer brand-y stuff.OK, there’s a fourth, Candidates on Caroo are anonymous, making it great for reaching passive candidates and to support your DNI strategies.With Caroo you can:Create a brand profile and post updates or articles to the professionals you want to build a community withAdvertise unlimited jobs that will be push notified to only relevant peopleMake the experience simple and enjoyable. You designed it that way.For more information about how it works for employers and professionals, pricing, and also testimonials from big and small digital brands in the North West visit our website. Or if you would like to speak to a member of our team you can Click here or email us on


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