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Join our first International DaTa Conference 15 & 16 June

By Competition and Markets Authority

The event

This is the inaugural event of what will be an annual conference. There are now ‘technologists’ – data scientists, engineers, technology policy advisers – at the major competition agencies. As part of the conference, and for the first time we aim to bring together many of these professionals in person and hear them present on their work and its impact, in addition to talks from world-leading external data and technology experts – academics, thinkers and industry figures.

Who should attend?

The global competition and consumer community, and anyone – whether in the public sector, industry, academia or media – interested in the use of data, technology and analytics to understand and take action in digital markets.

Register now to secure your virtual ticket at  👉 CMA Data Conference – Bringing data, technology and analytics to competition and consumer protection 

The conference is free to attend, and open to all virtually. It will be livestreamed via our online platform, with full interactivity.

Explore jobs at Competition and Markets Authority

Digital Markets Summer Diversity Internship

Introducing the CMA's Digital Market UnitDigital markets have come to play a central role in our personal, economic and social lives. The Digital Markets Unit has been established within the CMA to promote greater competition and innovation in digital markets. We’re looking for talented individuals with a broad range of work backgrounds and experience, to enrich the capability and culture of the DMU team as well as the wider organisation.What is the role of the DMU?The role of the newly created Digital Markets Unit (DMU) is to promote greater competition and innovation in digital markets, in the interests of consumers. The DMU will oversee and enforce a new pro-competition regime for a small group of the most powerful digital firms – those with Strategic Market Status (SMS). The DMU will have powers to request data and information from firms to help it investigate firms’ conduct.Why join the CMA’s Digital Markets Unit?We will offer you the opportunity: • to shape how the CMA thinks about the regulation of digital markets, and in doing so use your skills for the public good, protecting consumers and keeping markets competitive. • to understand in detail how big tech firms operate, with the chance to learn and build substantial knowledge and expertise in digital markets • to be part of an inclusive workplace where colleagues are supported in balancing their roles with wider caring responsibilities

Competition and Markets Authority

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