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4 Top Tips for Creating the Best TikTok Shop Basket

Here are our top tips for making the basket of your dreams.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the perfect basket. It helps to keep the live running smoothly, it’s easier to sift through the basket and pin items, and it simply looks professional and that you know what you’re doing.  

There are four main elements you need to be aware of when establishing your basket: ‘What’s Hot’, ‘Buying Habits’, ‘Basket Organisation’, and ‘Being Adaptable’. These four elements are crucial for a seamless livestream. 

What's Hot

Have a look at what's trending right now and how you could provide something similar but different (we’re looking at you, Molly Mae Jacket). This shows that you’re attentive to your demographic and are receptive to what they want to see.

Buying Habits

Think of the bread and butter basics, the stuff that you have to buy but don’t want to spend a lot of money on. Everybody loves a bundle, and these are a great place to start, especially if they include your basics. By adding a few of these into the basket, you’re guaranteed to sell, and if they’re at a good price point already, the added TikTok Discount gives an extra incentive to buy.

Basket Organisation

This is so important!! An organised basket is a perfect basket. If you’re working with fashion, grouping the basket by clothing category makes it easier for both the buyer and the presenter. It ensures that no items are missed and is nice and neat (therefore more enticing) to scroll through and buy. 

Be Adaptable

Is there a heatwave or a snowstorm on the horizon? Add a few more items to suit the weather.
Is there a second game coming out soon? Put the first one in to help build up the hype and get viewers excited.

Ensuring your basket is easily adaptable to what is happening around you gives more credibility to your brand, shows that you care, and in return, the impulse buys will come trickling in.

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