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9 Amazon Search Hacks Every Seller Should Know

The good news is anyone can snatch their slice of the action. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking Amazon Search success is a get-rich-quick scheme.

Amazon is one of the most competitive arenas in online retail, but these 11 Amazon search hacks will help you climb to the top of the pile.

1. Use Trending Amazon Keywords

Just like selling with Google Ads or making sure your web pages rank high with the best SEO optimisation, keywords are essential to being a successful Amazon seller.

You’ll notice that many Amazon listings read very chaotically as if the seller has tried to cram in as many words as possible. In fact, this is precisely what they are doing.

Trending keywords can prove very helpful in ensuring your product shows up high in customers’ Amazon search results.

Think about the features and benefits that differentiate your product from others that shoppers might be searching for. Add these terms to your product descriptions to enrich them.

Want to boost your Amazon product descriptions even further? Online tools can generate trending keywords that are relevant to your product, helping you to attract more high-intent potential buyers and increase your sales.

2. Translate Your Amazon Product Descriptions

One virtue of selling with Amazon is opening up your reach to a global audience. However, simply shipping globally isn’t enough to make audiences around the world choose your product over someone else’s.

Target global audiences by expanding your product descriptions beyond English keywords. Translate all necessary information about your product into the languages relevant to the markets you are targeting.

Make sure your translations are correct and precise. It may be worth hiring a professional Amazon translator who really knows their stuff to maximise the potential of your global listings.

The daily deals page covers most categories.

3. Maintain Your Amazon Seller Rating

As every seller on every online platform should know, public reviews are everything. Social proof can be the final decision-making factor when it comes to a consumer choosing your product over another.

When it comes to Amazon search results, you’ll find that every seller on the first page has a rating of 90% or above. This makes that positive feedback essential to your continued performance.

Optimise your product descriptions to provide the most accurate information to the customer, avoiding disappointment or buyer’s regret.

We also recommend that you encourage your customer to leave you feedback if they are happy with their purchase. Perhaps include a helpful flyer telling them how to do this in their package.

4. Pay Attention to Amazon Analytics

Like selling anywhere else, understanding data is essential to your performance as an Amazon seller. Keep track of customer data, competitors’ data, as well as your sales, profit margins, conversion rates, traffic, top-performing keywords, and more using Amazon Business Reports.

This information is valuable for knowing which products are performing well and not so well. You should then tailor your Amazon marketing strategy accordingly, improving products that have poor reviews or lack of success due to poor keyword optimisation.

5. Use Amazon’s Vendor-Powered Coupons

Amazon’s built-in promotion tool is called vendor-powered coupons. These are available for use by individual sellers with a Pro Merchant account, Professional Sellers and Vendors, and allow you to discount your items more competitively than other sellers. To be the most competitively priced, you may only have to discount your products by a very slim margin.

Amazon’s savviest shoppers always keep an eye on the Amazon daily deals page. Use vendor-powered coupons to get a coveted spot on this page and get your product seen by more bargain-hunting eyes.

The Amazon Bestseller pages are even a category all of their own.

6. Win the Amazon ‘Buy Box’

You’re probably familiar with the Amazon Buy Box, whether you know it or not. This box appears on the right-hand side of a product page, comparing a list of third-party listings for the same product. Being in the Buy Box can achieve more sales with little effort.

Here’s how to get in there:

  • Make sure your product’s Amazon Standard Identification Number matches that of the product for which you want to appear in the Buy Box.
  • Keep your prices lower than competitors, even if it’s just by a few pence.
  • Use fulfilled by Amazon for fast and reliable shipping.

7. Achieve Amazon Bestseller Badges

Products that display a coveted “Amazon Bestseller” badge immediately jump out to every consumer as a safe-bet purchase through the power of social proof.

The badge is awarded on a category-to-category basis, which means you can optimise your chances of winning one by selecting your product’s category carefully. Try to choose one that is easier to rank for, with less competition. However, avoid choosing an irrelevant category or risk your product not being seen by its intended audience.

8. Bag an Amazon’s Choice Badge

Another badge that’s sure to give your Amazon seller business a boost is the “Amazon’s Choice” badge. This marks your products as officially endorsed by the platform, making them appear more trustworthy and therefore better than other options, regardless of whether the price is slightly higher.

Criteria for gaining this badge include:

  • Your product is eligible for Amazon Prime shipping.
  • You have a strong review rate, indicating satisfied, trusting and engaged consumers.
  • You have a low returns rate.
These earphones have snagged an Amazon's Choice Badge.

9. Run Amazon Sponsored Ads

As with all online selling platforms, putting your money where your mouth is is a surefire way of getting your products seen and purchased.

Amazon sponsored ads make your products the first seen in relevant consumer search results. Sponsored products are always displayed at the top of search results or in clearly marked and eye-catching banners throughout.

Amazon sponsored ads operate on a pay-per-click basis, meaning you will only pay for the ad when it does its job, reaching a relevant consumer and boosting your visibility and sales.

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