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From aesthetically pleasing food clips to short travel vlogs, reel videos are now being used within any and every industry.

Just like regular grid posts, carefully planned and created Reel videos can be used to highlight the best features and benefits of your product or service. All you need to do is discover the latest trends that are relevant to your niche.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about creating short, snappy and successful Instagram Reels…

Choose a Trending Audio

Not only do trending audios capture the attention of your audience, but the algorithm will also prioritise these Reels. 

To identify a trending sound, you'll first need to head to the Reels Explore page. This is represented by the icon in the centre of the menu. From there, you can scroll through Reels that Instagram recommends for your account. Identifying a trending sound is super easy. Simply look at the audio section at the bottom, then see if you can spot the “trending” arrow.

Give people a reason to keep watching

When creating your next reel video, think carefully about the opening moment. Try to say or do something that stops the viewer and convinces them to watch more. Whether it’s a catchy audio, attention-grabbing headline or aesthetically pleasing opening, it’s super important to make the first few seconds as enticing as possible. 

Keep It Short but Sweet

There’s no denying that people now get bored really quickly. If your video is too long, users may not want to continue watching. According to Hootsuite, this then tells the algorithm that your content isn’t interesting enough and therefore may not be shown to other users. 

There is no ‘best length’ as this will depend on the type of content you’re posting and your audience’s preferences. However, no matter the length of your reel, the first few seconds are always going to be the most important. At this stage, viewers will decide if they want to keep watching or move on to the next post.

Provide Value

By using reels to only showcase products or services, users may not feel as though they are gaining anything valuable. Instead, try to focus on creating content that informs, entertains or inspires. 

Informative Reel Ideas: 

This doesn’t necessarily mean talking about the ins and outs of your products, but actually demonstrating your expertise, regarding the niche of your brand. For example, if you’re in the fashion industry, you may want to create a reel showing how to mix and match different colours or patterns.

Entertaining Reel Ideas:

There’s no denying that social media users love to feel entertained. The easiest way to achieve this is often through memes, behind the scenes content, or any type of humorous and relatable videos.

Inspiring Reel Ideas:

Inspirational content should elicit an emotional response from your audience and inspire them in some way. The source of inspiration could be as simple as a motivational tip or life hack that relates to your niche, product or service. ‍

Keep on Top of Trends

Staying on top of trends is crucial for keeping your Instagram page fresh, and most importantly, your audience engaged. In the world of social media, every new week brings new trends, meaning it can definitely be tricky to keep up with the latest and greatest. For weekly updates on the current trends, we recommend reading Instagram reel tips by Later.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Caption

Although Instagram is predominantly recognised as a visual platform, the words you choose to accompany your content may have more power than you realise. Not only can a strong caption provide users with more information, but it can also be used for SEO purposes. In order to boost the visibility of your post, you should remember to always include keywords, as well as a few relevant hashtags.

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