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From its initial launch in 2010, the app has continued to change, adapt and develop every single year without fail.

As digital marketers who work on the platform every day, we've uncovered a few new tools that you may want to explore this year!

Keep reading as we reveal some of the latest updates you might not know about (yet)...

Add Music To Posts

Want to spice up your static posts? Well, this new "Add Music" tool may be exactly what you need.  

Just create a post as usual, but follow these simple steps before you hit share:

  • Select Add Music
  • Search for the artist or song of your choice, then tap to add to your post. 
  • Next, you can select the portion of the song as well as the duration. Clips can be anywhere from 5 to 90 seconds.

In-App Scheduling Tool

Save time and stay organised with Instagram's new scheduling tool! 

For years, social media managers and creators have relied on third-party platforms to schedule posts. Finally, after many years, there is now an in-app tool to schedule both posts and reels. 

Although this feature isn't yet available for everyone, those who do have access can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Instagram app, and tap Post or Reel.
  2. Select a photo or video and add your caption, effects and filters as normal before tapping Next.
  3. Tap Advanced settings.
  4. Tap Schedule.
  5. Select a date and time up to 75 days away.
  6. Tap Done.
  7. Tap the back button.
  8. Tap Schedule.

So, is it time to say goodbye to your beloved scheduling apps? Not for us! We could never betray Buffer… 

Control Over Recommendations

Do you keep seeing posts that you don't particularly enjoy? Well, luckily for you, Instagram now provides an option to control recommendations. This means that when you see a post you don't find interesting or relevant, you can tap the three-dot menu and then select 'Not Interested'. This removes the post from your feed immediately, and Instagram will show you fewer posts like it in the future.

Digital Collectibles 

Say hello to Digital Collectibles, a new Instagram feature that works hand in hand with the "Metaverse". In simple terms, these are unique digital items that can be shared, created, bought and sold on Instagram. Blockchain technology, an advanced database mechanism, is used to record who owns them.

After you create a Digital Collectible, you will be able to add it to your wallet or list it for sale. At the moment, only Collectibles created on Instagram can be sold on the platform. 

Quiet Mode

As a way of protecting its users' mental health, Instagram has recently introduced "Quiet Mode". With this new feature, you can schedule a time when you don't want to use Instagram and would rather focus on other activities. The app won't send any notifications during this time, and users attempting to contact you will be aware that you are in Quiet Mode. To benefit from this feature, simply head to your settings and select "Notifications". From there, you will be able to manage your time on the app and take a break whenever you want.‍

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