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Vaxtor - automated licence plate recognition app


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently completed a Technical Showcase App and Android SDK for Vaxtor, a leading light in the field of automatic number plate recognition systems (ANPR).

Vaxtor approached us in September to assist them with porting their on-camera software to Android and open-up the growing mobile ANPR market. They wanted an app to demonstrate the impressive technology to new customers as well as an SDK that could be integrated into existing apps to provide ANPR capabilities. We were quite astonished by the demos they had, showing number plates being recognised in milliseconds at simulated closing speeds of over 200 mph! 

The high performance app is offered free to potential customers to allow them to see the ANPR technology in action. The SDK is currently in-use by police forces, and parking providers, and we hope for more customers to join in future.


Given the hardware requirements around camera use and the target audience, the app and SDK was developed for native Android only using Kotlin and C++ / NDK. There are a large number of options available to any customer, so we had to make the app configurable to take into account parameters such as location and location - specific number plate formats.

This being a phone camera-driven app, we also had to consider which smart phones would be suitable to use - so this wasn’t a simple project, by any means!  


The app was completed in February 2021 and the SDK is already available to customers. We’re really pleased with the end result, although we got a few raised eyebrows testing it by scanning cars in the office car park!

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