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Over the past year, dependency on mobile technology has grown exponentially. Applications have become a crucial resource for working remotely, connecting with family and friends and of course, for entertainment purposes. Businesses worldwide have been forced to recognise the importance of technology in the corporate world and the opportunities it can facilitate. With no signs of the growth decelerating, app developers are keen to develop and deliver a more contemporary user experience. We have already discussed 5 reasons why you should invest in an app but what trends can we expect to see in 2021?  

AR (Augmented Reality)/ AI (Artificial Intelligence)   

As the younger generations start to infiltrate the current consumer base and workforce, we can expect to see AR and AI a lot more frequently within our day-to-day applications. AR has already made its way onto popular social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram with the use of filters. The interactivity can help to market products and boost sales but more importantly, enables more rigid security protocols with the use of facial recognition.   

Chatbots and virtual assistants are also expected to become much more prevalent in 2021 with AI becoming much more sophisticated. Not only does this reduce external costs (extensive support team) but modern AI also helps to build a more seamless customer relationship where the service standard never falters, and the ‘human touch’ is incorporated. Get in touch to hear about some of the exciting chatbot projects Beeta has been working on, behind the scenes!  


5G has already started to populate the western market but as the fifth-generation network becomes more widespread in 2021, app efficacy will improve tenfold. The cellular network is predicted to be up to 100x quicker than 4G and even faster than some broadband services. 5G is expected to drastically improve capacity meaning less latency and faster response times. With a faster and more consistent network, applications will become more accessible, particularly in remote areas. This next generation of wireless tech will enable an abundance of modern apps to make their debut, creating a significant impact on the entire economic roadmap. Corporations have already started the shift towards the app market but 5G will undoubtedly propel the demand. 


According to Statista, by the end of 2021, mobile e-commerce could account for almost 3 quarters of online sales. The added pressure of the pandemic and the online retail boom has further fuelled the m-commerce trend. With the larger corporations dominating the market, smaller-scale businesses must update their sales strategy to meet the growing demand for mobile access and stay on par with the competition. Independent apps will play a vital role in the future success of ecommerce and as we have seen from the corporate giants, when done right, the ROI is well worth the initial investment.  

IoT (Internet of Things)   

This refers to the growing network of ‘things’ connected to the Internet. The Internet of Things impacts a range of spaces covering commercial, infrastructure and consumer usability. One example is wearable tech, smartwatches and fitness trackers have gained popularity recently with many turning to fitness during the lockdown period. Mobile apps are often used in conjunction with IoT devices and are also being produced specifically for this purpose. This has created a huge opportunity for app developers and mobile. According to Statista, the IoT market revenue will grow to 1.6 trillion dollars by 2025. 

Considering App Development for your business 

As mobile popularity continues to surge, businesses are realigning their output to stay relevant in the ever-changing technological landscape. If you are not already considering app development in your 2021 strategy, you should be and Beeta can help! Our specialist team of app developers will work with you to find out exactly what you and your customers need. We can then implement the full project from concept to delivery and beyond. Get in touch now to talk to one of our experts about how we can help your business grow! 

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