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Working as a Senior Developer at the Home Office

Hi, I’m Waseem, a Senior Developer at the Home Office.  

My first memory of what would become my career started in primary school where I was responsible for wheeling the school’s only BBC Micro computer around from class to class, setting this up for use during breaktimes for students to use. This started my lifelong interest in tech which followed me through secondary school, then university where I completed a degree in Computing and Information Systems and now in my career. 

As a .Net Developer, I’ve worked on a variety of projects including working for myself as a Web Developer. I then had a 5-year career in the NHS leading the development for one of the first patient records systems, allowing patients to access their medical information on the web.   

I saw the Home Office Senior Developer role I applied for online and instantly felt it would be a good fit for my background and experience.   

My main driver for joining the Home Office was the opportunity to work on projects that make a difference, as I did in the NHS. Working in a non-profit driven environment removes some constraints as this is about delivering tech for people and the machinery of government, which is important to me.   

The Home Office is a large organisation with many opportunities and options to move your career forward. For me, it felt like a change of lifestyle in joining a community of like-minded techies where I can discover my niche and add value to projects and services for the public.   

I work in a blended, multi-disciplinary team of engineers and technical specialists supporting an Identity Access system used to protect various applications in the policing space. This ultimately helps to protect millions of UK citizens every day.  

I could be doing development work one day and the next writing Powershell scripts to automate tasks or working in the Cloud configuring a service. I also get involved in departmental activities like recruitment.  

I like the open-endedness of where my career can go. You’re not locked into certain roles and technologies. It’s a progressive place to work, where you can show interest in different tech, languages or projects and you’ll be supported to move in that direction. It’s ok to say, ‘I want to try this’ or ‘I don’t think this is a good fit for me’. It’s about trying to get the best out of individuals, helping them discover the place they can give the most. 

In addition, you’ll be given the time and tools to learn new things and there is a focus on quality.  

There is a clear career framework in place to support progression, and continuous professional development is encouraged. You’ll be given access to Safari Books, training days and hardware to support your day-to-day work. 

I also like the hybrid flexible working approach, which allows me to have a good work-life balance.   

Working in our Digital, Data and Technology Engineering team you’ll have the opportunity to stretch yourself and go down paths that you never considered!   

Learn more and apply  

If you’re interested in one of our Senior Developer roles, you can apply now on Civil Service Jobs. The current roles close on 25 June.  

Alternatively contact one of our recruiters on LinkedIn to find out more about all the roles on offer: George Hill, Callum Townley and Amra Hurley.  

Learn about our Engineering application process in this story, and read about what’s involved in the roles and the benefits on offer on the Home Office Careers website Engineering page.

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