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First Speakers Announced For The Manchester Digital Member Conference


The Manchester Digital Member Conference returns on the 24th of June 2021.

Time: 13:00 - 16:30 pm

Membership is only as strong as its community, and we are lucky to be part of such a strong network of innovative and progressive members who have put forward talks based on the theme: ‘The Future.’

The Manchester Digital Member Conference is a day for you to discover something new. 

This is an opportunity to learn more about some of the work that your peers are accomplishing.

On the day, no stone will be left unturned with topics covering Ai, design, culture, marketing, entrepreneurship and more! 

Join through our event platform and move around the virtual conference to find interesting talks. 

You’ll also have the ability to meet other members by getting involved in online networking.

All through one platform. 


So share the news with your colleagues and get stuck in. 


Tickets are now available, and we will be announcing the full lineup over the next few days.


First Speakers Announced:

‘An MLOps-powered future’ presented by Fuzzylabs 

Time: 15.30 - 15.55.

The future of AI lies in a new buzzword known as MLOps. While everybody is excited about what they can do with AI, at the same time, it's said that 90% of attempts to productionise AI models fails.

This talk will be valuable to both technical and non-technical audiences. For people who want to understand how they might apply AI in their business, the talk will give them a concrete picture of what success looks like.

For those struggling to productionise existing AI capabilities, the talk will suggest a path to adopting MLOps to address those struggles.


The future of design mature teams: a blueprint for innovation presented by Sustainable Design Thinkers 

Time: 14.25 - 14.50.

Sustainable Design Thinkers founder and Innovation Strategist will present a user-centred approach to innovation of products or services that supports teams in companies to validate their ideas and assumptions before launching their products or services.

Teams should problem frame and run design sprints to validate ideas and solutions through prototyping and user testing to iterate before launch.

A creative culture in teams allows opportunities for innovation in all sectors and innovation sprints can be facilitated in person or remotely using digital workspaces.

This talk is suitable for teams who are constantly drumming up new ideas!


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