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Hiring Trends: The round up

During this event, our panel of hiring and onboarding experts provided interesting insights into hiring and recruitment trends that we are seeing currently and what we can expect to see in coming months, from both a client and candidate perspective. 

The speakers discussed the move to a more flexible workforce; through contract, freelance, consultancy and the gig economy. The workforce was already beginning to move in this direction so we talked about how the pandemic has accelerated this as both employers and employees look for more flexibility.

The speakers also talked about what we’re seeing developing in other countries who are coming out of the other side of the pandemic, new workforce models, new and improved ways of integrating staff into your business once hired and how to harness technology for remote hiring and onboarding. 

We heard from Rob Sugden, Practice Director at ECOM; Sarah Doyle, Technology Practice Lead at Experis and Jon Musgrave, Director of Head Resourcing. 

You can see the full video from the event below: 


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