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Innovate Manchester: Community building innovation challenge with Accenture – Calling SMEs to come forward with potential solution

Innovate Manchester Workshop Information

We are delighted to launch our third Innovate Manchester Innovation Challenge and we’re looking for SMEs in Greater Manchester to come and put forward their potential solutions to Accenture with the opportunity to work in partnership with academia too.


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INNOVATE MANCHESTER: Community building challenge with Accenture


Accenture is an international professional services company, specialising in information technology services & consulting. They have ~725,000 employees globally, with ~15,000 in UKI & ~1,300 in the North West.You can view Accenture's website here.

Innovation Challenge

Accenture is looking for a partner who can help them build a sense of community among their employees in the North West region as they operate in geographically diverse project teams. Accenture is seeking to expand its presence within the region, and there is a strategic goal to increase community interaction between their employees.How might Accenture use gaming techniques, automation and leading UX to increase team engagement within the region?

As Accenture already offer work-based events and initiatives, their preferred approach is to offer employees the chance to connect on interests outside of the workplace. Ideally, they would like an online platform to drive in person activity. Specifically, they do not want a knowledge exchange, portal, recognition, or performance solution - Accenture need an engagement solution that the community can manage and that empowers employees though a platform to connect with each other.




If you have any questions, please contact Cinzia Miatto at 

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