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The benefits of using an external coach

With the growing trend of organisations wanting to provide coaching for their employees, it is important to understand the benefits of using an external coach, so that you can see why this investment is so important to today's workforce.

Nowadays, looking after your employees feels so much more like a responsibility and desire rather than just an expectation or legal requirement.

What is really encouraging is the level of importance being placed on this shift. The conversations around how to ensure your people are ok is heart warming.  You would like them to have the opportunity to share their thoughts, express their views, be clear on their goals and confident about trying new things.  

Encouraging people to talk is a great way of being able to understand how to help them more. 

So, to have meaningful conversations about how they feel, what's concerning them and what they want out of life is becoming the norm. 

Revealing those things at work about oneself can be daunting and if the conversation is not handled in the right way, it could make someone vulnerable. 

Yet, stepping into the right discussions with the right person, focusing solely on your employees aspirations, the experience can be quite liberating, tapping into a whole new level of thinking and doing. 

So how do you get it right? How do you make the conversation safe so that you get the best out of your employees and they are able to get the best out of themselves? 

Well, when we asked what the key reasons were as to why our online, on demand coaches were important to them, these are some of the reasons our existing clients gave. 

They are impartial  

Removed from the day to day politics and dramas, the coaches are not influenced by everything happening around the office. There is no prejudice, no judging, no bias.  The discussion is objective and it is easier to bring to the table sensitive topics of discussion. 

Everything remains confidential 

As the coaches are not part of the day to day team, there is trust and reassurance that the they are not going to share what has been said with colleagues or their line manager. Openness and honesty ensue, resulting in a them experiencing a deeper understanding of what’s really happening.  

All challenge is positive  

As it is obvious that each coach simply wants to get the most out of everyone, there is a true sense that they have their best interests at heart.  The coach has the freedom and skill to challenge with positive intention.  Difficult questions land with an element of curiosity and safely discussing the awkward topics usually brings about the best lightbulb moments. 

It is obvious that they are trained experts

It’s their job and they are good at it! The conversations seem natural, seamless and usually end right on time. No time is wasted with small talk, distractions, side issues or hidden agendas. With listening and questioning skills at the fore, it leads to pure focus on what each individual needs in that moment. That in itself is worth it's weight in gold. 

They are motivated by your achievements 

The coaches have no other responsibility than to coach well, so it is clear that they are totally committed to the employee for their whole session. That commitment brings shared purpose as your results, are their results. Knowing that they are there to reassure, support, champion and focus on what you want and need,  drives a whole new level of inner confidence. 

Individuals become more trusting of their own capability and teams develop a better sense of cooperation.

So, we see day in, day out that qualified, experienced external coaches understand how to be a strategic partner. They want the best for you, your employees and your organisation.  Knowing that alignment is key and acknowledging that retention of good talent is critical, they want the feedback from each session to show that the investment is worth it. 

But, if you are still unsure....please reach out, we need very little encouragement to want to talk about coaching and the benefits it can bring. 

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