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Welcoming 3 new members of staff to our growing team

We're delighted to have recently welcomed not one, but three new members to the team recently.

Joining the team are two new Data Analysts - Anca Nisirius and Marie Cooper as well and Junior Developer, Dylan Cliff.

Anca Nisirius and Marie Cooper both join the company after previously working for InSites Consulting Ltd (formerly Join The Dots).

Marie worked there as an Online Research Technologist for two years and Anca worked there for five years across different roles, starting as a Junior Online Research Technologist in her first role out of university and working her way up to become a Project Research Coordinator.

Before joining Omnisis, Dylan worked as a software development apprentice at Pecometer, a software engineer agency in Stockport. He completed his apprenticeship and was hired as a Software Developer for a further year. 

These new appointments come at a time of tremendous company growth. When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, like many businesses in the market research industry, we were uncertain about what the future would hold.

This growth is a testament to the excellent work that we continue to do for our clients and the hard work of our ever-growing team. 

Our staff went from working from their offices in Manchester and London to working entirely remotely and embracing a new way of working that has not been without its challenges.

Brian Cooper, our Managing Director credits the team’s ability to cost, script and turn around projects in a number of hours as one of the key reasons for our successes.

He said “I’m really thrilled to have welcomed three new members of staff in such close succession. This past year has been difficult for the market research industry as a whole and as a small agency, I’m glad we’ve managed to come out the other side of it.”

“I’m so proud of the work we’ve done as a team and I’m grateful for our clients. Both of these things have allowed us to keep growing, even throughout such a difficult time.”

Because we work using our own survey software called Warp, it gives them the flexibility to develop, bespoke, custom surveys or build entirely new functionalities for clients, often in a very short space of time.

We also recently released an industry-wide survey to find out exactly how men and women feel about working in market research. They hope the results will act as a benchmark to find out what the industry is doing well and what can be improved.

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