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New homegrown consultancy for former Assembly Global chiefs

Mark Sansum and Julia Symonds - outbloom Co-founders

The Manchester-based consultancy offers performance marketing and consultancy across paid search, paid social, analytics, tracking, martech and more for ambitious brands and private equity companies.

They come to market as an alternative to the typical agency hierarchy, offering a direct route to the very best senior and experienced digital teams – brands work directly with experienced consultants who cover activation through to strategy and project management.

Symonds said: “Having worked agency-side for over a decade we saw the same recurring pain-points for our clients. More often than not, senior staff are a key part of the pitch process yet step away once the business is won. Accounts are then handed down to account teams with less experience to manage clients’ media, which creates a disconnect between expectations and delivery.”

“Our flat team structure removes those barriers, allowing us to be agile partners and spend more time on the activities that really move the needle and drive growth.”

Co-founder Sansum added: “Choosing a performance marketing partner has never been easy. In recent years this has become even more difficult with the rapid growth of a largely unregulated industry and shortage of talent, increasing the risk for clients looking for a partner to manage their media. We wanted to provide a different route that guarantees experience and leadership whether activation, strategy, data, or one of the many connected services outbloom offers.”

Symonds and Sansum have over 25 years combined experience and held senior positions at Assembly Global opening and scaling their first UK office outside London, in Manchester, and leading paid channels for likes of Converse and Aesop.

outbloom officially launches with four clients in their roster and are on track to achieve their ambitious annual targets. Symonds says: “It’s been great to connect with clients and prospects who are looking for an alternative to a traditional agency model.”

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