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From kick-off to victory: How to field a winning multichannel team

When putting together your best marketing line-up you need a team that works well together to achieve great results. Each member must be great in their own right, but together they make a dream team.

During their purchasing journey, 73% of customers will use multiple channels. So, it is essential to not just be using multiple channels for your marketing, but make sure the right message is communicated, at the right time, on the right platform or device for each customer.

his strategy is the best for making your marketing outputs more profitable, as multichannel shoppers tend to spend three times more than single channel shoppers.

Whether it’s email, SMS, social ads or more, piecing together a team of channels will help you engage and convert your customers at whatever stage of the purchasing journey they are in.

With this in mind, our recommended dream team would be:...

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