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Jermaine Jenas surprises struggling Cheshire Sunday League team in Smoking Gun’s latest influencer campaign

Underperforming Sunday league side Bollington Reserves were shocked to be visited by former England International and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Jermaine Jenas as they grouped for their weekly training session.

Jenas took on the role of whipping the underachieving team into shape, guiding the manager and coaching the team through various warm-ups, fitness drills, penalty shootouts, and an exhibition match.

Bollington Reserves, based just outside Macclesfield, were kitted out in Jenas’ new Dare 2b collection, ensuring they look the part and are further inspired both on and off the pitch. The link up is part of a brand building influencer marketing campaign led by the sportswear brand’s agency, Smoking Gun.

Jenas said; “It was great to be back on the pitch with a group of lads who simply enjoy playing football together, and they genuinely appreciated someone coming in to give them a few tips to improve their performance. 

“When playing football at Sunday League level, a little organisation on the field is often something teams crave. Bollington Reserves are desperate to be playing football, and are here week in week out because they love the game”.

“Hopefully I passed on some of my knowledge and any opposing sides might find themselves up against an impressive squad during Bollington Reserves next season. 

“One of the ways I wanted to inspire them was with a new kit from my Dare 2b collection. It's true what they say, if you've got the right gear you are often in the right mindset to play your best!”

The footage captured on the day aims to engage and inspire football enthusiasts and supporters alike. By witnessing Jermaine Jenas in action, the team learned valuable tips and tricks to succeed in football, even at the Sunday league level.

Speaking on Jermaine's surprise appearance, Bollington Reserves captain Ryan Walker (31) said; “I was gobsmacked to be honest. Obviously you don't expect to see Jermaine Jenas coming into Bollington on a Thursday morning! So it was quite a shock to be honest with you.

“It has really lifted the team morale and it’s going to give us so much more confidence going into the next season. It’s also very nice to be able to remember today with the kit that Jermaine handed out, something the manager wants us to wear before every game now and be proud of.”

Rick Guttridge, Smoking Gun MD, added: “Jermaine’s appearance certainly lifted the spirits and camaraderie of the team and we are willing the Bollington boys to be lifting trophies very soon! Jermaine joins Dare 2b’s influencer squad under Smoking Gun’s management, with more high profile collaborations to come this summer.”

Jermaine’s new range with activewear brand Dare 2b is available to buy now on the Dare 2b website. 

See the action of the day on Jermaine’s Instagram here

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