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Identifying Your Tech Recruitment Requirements

Part of `The Candidate's Tech & IT Recruitment Guide.

The process of hiring the best talent in a highly competitive field such as IT & Technology can often prove to be a difficult acquisition in what is traditionally a candidate short market. The early identification of key technical requirements in a team enables a more effective recruitment strategy to be implemented. Therefore, constant communication between front-end, back-end, tech lead and project management teams will ensure that businesses can identify recruitment requirements in advance. Due to the vast and endless world of Technology, the hiring process becomes immensely complicated when hiring for talent to manage or build your technical world. Whether you’re an eCommerce based business who require PHP Developers with specific OOP frameworks such as WordPress and Magento, or Zend and Laravel; or an in house business who are migrating legacy projects from ASP.Net to .Net Core, you’ll notice that the recruitment of tech talent falls into a highly competitive field in which there are more employers on the search for talent than employees searching for a new opportunity.

Having recruited for organisations across the UK, we have identified the most common reasons which our clients recruit tech talent:

Migrating Business Stacks Across To New Technology

With the emergence of new technologies across the development environment, major recruitment operations have been built upon transitioning businesses towards implement new tech. Across the UK, businesses have begun to realise the benefits of adopting a ‘Tech First’ approach to their operations. Equally, the further release of development frameworks have seen businesses adjust to incorporate the real life affects these can bring. A key example can be observed in the shift from Vanilla JavaScript across Front End development to specific JavaScript frameworks such as React.JS, Angular or Vue.JS.

Regardless of the overall objective of the technological transformation, be that in increasing security, reducing costs or adding new functionality; a new operational direction almost always requires the acquisition of new talent who possess expertise in your chosen technology. For example, if a business’s whose technical stack is built heavily upon the Microsoft stack are migrating services into the cloud through Azure or AWS, a Cloud Infrastructure specialist would be required to ensure the successful transitioning process. In this scenario, the goal of reducing costs and creating a more efficient workflow have been achieved only through the acquisition of additional talent.

Project Specific IT & Technology Recruitment

Here at The Candidate we support businesses of all shapes and sizes from international digital agencies, fast-fashion giants to FinTech start-ups. Given the vast nature of our clients, we have a demonstrated history of recruiting highly niche tech talent from Software to DevOps Engineers. As we’ve observed the boost in eCommerce and online trading, a regular shift we’ve observed is organisations transitioning towards improving their digital footprint and customer journey. The recruitment of tech talent enables digital transformation in businesses with candidates boasting a range of experience from PHP eCommerce projects to migration onto cloud services.

Whilst on occasion it is essential to a project’s completion to bring in additional resource to the development team, the hiring manager must remain ever aware of Brook’s Law. The capabilities of reduced development timeframes again support the requirement for entire teams to reflect and collaborate. Communication between Web Developers, Lead Developers, Product Managers, Development Managers and more becomes even more essential to identify the requirement for further recruitment in a timely manner.

Growth In Requirements

What’s your overall aim in business? Grow revenue, expand your team, globalise, reduce overheads? Regardless of your expectations and aims, we all know how quickly things can change in the modern landscape. It’s not uncommon for our clients to project a 24 month development roadmap which is required to be started a year early to match business growth. At The Candidate, our consultative approach ensures we fully understand your business trajectory and remain updated as to your progress. This ensures we’re able to constantly remain vigilant for the best tech talent which will see your business drive forward.

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