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Windows virtual desktop also known as WVD is certainly not new to the market but it is greatly misunderstood which leads businesses to turn their head elsewhere. We have reviewed many different solutions for hosted desktops but they are all high maintenance, complex and hugely expensive to install and run.

Windows virtual desktop has grabbed our attention as an IT solutions and support provider and after heavy research, we are now offering the full solution to our clients. Some of the best features of WVD (Windows virtual desktop) are that it is reliable, cost-effective, low maintenance, has low complexity and is easy to make changes to. You could have a hosted desktop within one day simply by request and that is something which cannot be replicated across on-site solutions such as RDS or Citrix. Arguably you could configure Citrix and RDS within a day but there would often be an issue somewhere whereas Microsoft's solution has already been tested by Microsoft themselves so it just works.

More and more people are becoming comfortable with the cloud however, many businesses still throw out accusations that it is not secure but let's be honest, it's probably a lot more secure than your on-site solution right? Businesses must understand that it is not all on Microsoft to protect your data that lies within their cloud platform, you must take measures too. This includes the basics like enabling MFA on accounts and ensuring complex password policies are in place. We will not allow a customer to go without one of these two security factors in place simply because you are leaving yourself open when you don't have a password policy or don't have MFA on an account which can be accessed globally.

Overall from an ease of use and reliability perspective alone, WVD is the best hosted desktop solution on the market in our opinion. We can't wait to implement the solution for our clients and see the benefits it will bring to their remote workforce. If you don't have a remote workforce then WVD may not be the best way to go as there are cheaper ways to acheive the feel of having the same desktop on all PC's if you are always working from the same office.

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