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Just announced: Manchester FinOps Meetup - Getting best value for your cloud spend in 2023.

UK FinOps Meetup sponsored by Microsoft at UA92 in Old Trafford, 19 January.  An event for Cloud Engineers, IT Finance Managers and anyone with a budget for cloud spend in 2023. Meet Astra Zeneca, Barclays, Moneysupermarket and Evri to discuss strategies for making cloud budgets go further.

We'll share best practice, industry challenges and you'll get an opportunity to network with those in a similar role.

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We listened!

You've all been asking for a Meetup outside of London so we've listened! 

The FinOps community is continuing to grow across the UK and we’re pleased to announce our first regional Meetup on January 19th at 5:30pm in Manchester!

Our aim is to bring people together that want to learn from their peers how to address the sometimes daunting world of FinOps. 

We’ve got FinOps teams from Barclays, Astra Zeneca and Evry as well as a host of mid-sized companies, looking to connect and share. Microsoft have offered space plus food and drink at their UA92 facility in Old Trafford

The session will be interactive, including “Bring a problem” round tables, and specialist lightning talks on key concepts. This will be a meet-up with a difference as you’ll be part of deciding what’s next and how we can help each other further.

If you're overlooking cloud spend, you're not alone! 

If 2023 is the year you are planning to get control of your cloud spending, come to our Manchester FinOps Meetup on 19 January

As your digital transformation gathers speed, your adoption of cloud accelerates and your engineers create innovative products that delight your customers, everything looks great - until the cloud bill arrives!

Cloud technology has the power to enable innovation and shorten the time-to-market for new products.

But how do you make sure your engineers only buy the resources they need rather than stuff they won't use? And what discounting strategy will ensure you get the best price for what you do buy? How do you stop the cloud bill from going through the roof? And what sort of FinOps team will you need to meet your executives' expectations for cloud?

It can be hard to get any perspective on these questions, let alone find answers that will work for your situation. What are other companies doing? Do they have the same challenges?

They do. And at our Manchester FinOps Meetup, you will meet some of them and learn how they are working to get the best value from cloud in their organizations.

So whether you're a Cloud Engineer or a CTO, a Product Owner or Accountant, a Procurement Manager or Solution Architect and whatever sort of organisation you work in, if getting value from cloud is important then the Manchester FinOps Meetup on 19 January is an event you shouldn’t miss.

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