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How to remove all risk when deploying code

The most ambitious solutions require regular upgrades to keep the website fresh and appealing. Live changes to a site create a potential risk of errors or bugs being missed and picked up by users. Using feature flags in isolation let's organisations test for errors that could break the website that lowers the user experience and credibility of the site. 

Typical feature flagging platforms come at a cost and include limitations to the number of toggles available to be used at one time. Naturally, this limits the creativity and scalability of your organisation's solution by having to roll out new developments at a slower pace than desired.

Finding a platform with unlimited feature flags and environments alongside the ability to run an experimentation test on one toggle at a time for the cost of nothing is an invaluable opportunity. That is why we compared LaunchDarkly vs Optimizely Rollouts to save your organisation the mammoth task of finding the right platform for your budget and aspirations.

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