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My First 12 Months - Myriam Thursch, Data Engineer, Zühlke

The first 12 months in a new role is a crucial time full of learning, building new relationships and establishing yourself within a business or organisation.

We recently spoke to Myriam Thursch, Data Engineer at global innovation service provider Zühlke, to find out about her journey into the role and how the first year has gone so far.

Name: Myriam Thursch
Company: Zühlke
Job Title: Data Engineer

What's your professional background and interests?

I worked as a Software Engineer and DBA from 1993 till 1999.

Thereafter, in order to be more available for my growing family, I went into teaching IT and computer science, as well as being the school’s Data Manager. 

I love problem solving and have always had a great interest in data. My dream was always to come back into software development.

What attracted you to this role and company?

When I decided to come back into tech in 2021, I realised that the world of software development had evolved so much, and Data was the area where I would best fit, and where I would have the right abilities to go back into.

After completing the TechReturners program where Zühlke was one of the sponsors, I applied to Zühlke as Data Engineer. Zühlke was extremely accommodating with my part-time requirement and also gave me ample time to finish the teaching year and handover my role as a School Data Manager.

What does a typical day look like?

When working on a project, the typical day usually starts with a stand-up meeting with the team, followed by some pairing sessions to complete assigned tasks. 

Regular breaks are important, and we always make sure to have at least a 5-minute gap between any work sessions or meetings.

So far, I have only been on one project, and I suppose each project is different and each team has its own ways of working. But most projects at Zühlke will include different phases (from discovery to implementation) where colleagues from different teams (including Software/Data Engineers, Architects, BAs, Designers, QAs, etc.) work together collaboratively, following Agile principles.

When I am on the bench (i.e. not on a project) I utilise my time to upskill and learn new skills and practice them. I often chose a course to learn with the advice of my Practice Lead or Mentor. 

What are the key challenges in your role?

Technology moves fast, and constant learning is required to keep up with this ever-evolving world. As a consultancy company we need to be able to offer the most up-to-date solutions to the clients. Therefore, learning & development is a top priority here at Zühlke.

What has surprised you most in the last 12 months?

The level of support within Zühlke. As a Data Engineer I belong to the Data community where I meet members of the community and get advice and support from them. 

As part of the onboarding process, I had the chance to choose a mentor who is always available to coach me and help me progress in my career.

What are the best bits about the role?

Each project requires different Data Engineering skills, there is no template solution and therefore, the role requires a high level of analysis and creativity.

How would you describe the company culture?

Constant learning, personal growth, knowledge exchange and helping others to develop.

Can you share details of one project/achievement you are most proud of since starting in this role? 

I have only been in this role for 9 months and have been part of one project so far, so not that many options to choose from. However, my first project was on a cloud infrastructure that I had never used before. It required a massive amount of learning and adaptation from me a. I feel a strong sense of achievement with the amount that I have learnt in this project and how I have been able to contribute to this project.

Thank you Myriam!

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