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Putting Seddon in Control

Seddon is a forward-thinking company with extensive experience in delivering new build, refurbishment and fit-out projects across a range of sectors. So, when Seddon approached Absolute for a bold new website, it needed to reflect Seddon’s culture, personality as well as the key delivery streams of construction projects, housing partnerships, property services and engineering services.

The Idea

 As Seddon offer such a wide range of services across so many sectors, we felt the best way of reflecting this would be to create a website that acts as a hub for all construction and engineering projects. The new website would give Seddon the opportunity to showcase the work they do, for example, the mental health awareness project with Jordan’s Conversation through to their many partnerships with community support schemes.

The new website would embrace Seddon’s distinctive tone of voice, being contemporary yet paying homage to the company’s strong history. The main sections of the website would be kept accessible by ensuring the page hierarchy remained minimal. We wanted users to see a top-level view of all the services Seddon have to offer, with the option to view further details within each section. We also wanted to create a central point for company news, events and insights, as well as a route for apprentices and graduates to join the company.

The Delivery

Having tried various “off-the-shelf” content management solutions, the team at Seddon were impressed with our Absolute Control CMS, which could be completely customised to suit their needs. The simplicity and ease of use of the system meant minimal training requirements and Seddon’s team could begin producing content immediately.

Working closely with Seddon, we composed a series of user stories. This helped us to fully understand the common tasks that Seddon would perform. From this, we defined a suite of modules that make up the building blocks of the web pages. Combining and reusing the modules enabled us to build unique page layouts without the need for extensive web development work.

The team wanted to showcase the projects that they had completed, so we created a “project” module for them, allowing Seddon to upload details, photos and renders of their projects quickly and easily. Absolute Control’s modular architecture means users can enhance the projects page with statistics, videos, client testimonials and much more from content stored anywhere within the system. This flexibility means that new projects can be added to the site quickly and evolve over time. These modules can be used to create distinctive news pages to show focused and personalised content.

The Result

Seddon’s new website successfully delivered on all the objectives that were set out at the beginning. The new website brings together Seddon’s delivery streams, construction expertise as well as their personality and strong brand. Absolute Control’s ease of use meant that the team at Seddon were comfortable updating the site within a few hours. We look forward to following their journey.

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