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Sustainability Days at Brainlabs

I'm so thankful for Brainlabs being a company that encourages individuality and allows us to take our full selves to work each day!

Yesterday I was given the chance to facilitate a workshop about #sustainability . This is something that i'm extremely passionate about and working in #cro has often left me conflicted but working together, we were able to think of end to end solutions that can improve our own business's impact as well as how we can inform and improve our clients' impact on the planet.

Some of the ideas we had:

🌏Devs could work with in house teams to look at ways to minimise code load to improve page speed and reduce energy on servers and user's devices, measuring how “carbon dirty” sites are.

🌱Tidy up tracking on GTM - reduce data used and stored.

🌏Talk about accessibility for people more vulnerable to climate change.

🌱Understand the impact of data for partners.

🌏Office survey to close on either Monday or a Friday.

🌱Plant based lunch (mid ground - meat switched to chicken).

🌏Reduce our office food delivery to once a week, encouraging staff to book a lunch in advance.

🌱Host sustainability days for clients, similar to the one we had.

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