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Hiring in tech - what we are looking at when bringing new people on board our proptech startup

As a growing tech company, Bright Spaces is always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our team. Hiring the right talent for an early-stage startup can be challenging yet crucial for its success. 

We understand that our success depends on us, as a team, both from a technical perspective, but also from a team, collaboration and relationships. The culture and dynamic we are striving to build starts in the recruitment process; setting the frame and expectations is an important part.  

An important step in hiring new colleagues is defining what you are looking for and portraying the best fit for a certain role. This step can save a lot of resources because you narrow your searches and it’s easier to decide if a profile is right for you or not. 

Not always the most senior or prepared candidate is also the best fit for your team and company at a certain stage. The activity and dynamics look different in an early stage start-up, in a scale up or in a company with thousands of employees and therefore in the hiring process you are looking for different skills. 

When we bring new people on board, we look for individuals who resonate with our mission and are passionate about revolutionising the tech industry. We believe that employees who share our values will be more engaged, productive, and successful in their roles. (Aligning with our company culture and values)

While technical expertise is vital, soft skills are equally important for a team's success, especially in a startup environment, where challenges are inevitable. We know that for building a startup like ours, we can’t be cautious and reserved, but bold. 

As a startup, it's essential to consider not just the current needs of your company but also its future needs. Looking for candidates who have the potential to grow with your company and take on new challenges as the business evolves.

 The interview process: a two-way street

During the interview process, we not only evaluate candidates based on their skills and experience, but we also give them the chance to learn more about our company culture, projects, and expectations. We want to ensure that joining Bright Spaces is the right fit for both the candidate and our team.

Our team members are our best ambassadors, and we encourage them to refer qualified candidates within their networks. By tapping into the connections of our employees, advisors, and partners, we can find exceptional talent that might not be actively job hunting but is open to new opportunities.

Building a talented team for your PropTech startup is no easy task, but by focusing on company culture, diversity, technical expertise, and soft skills, you can lay the foundation for long-term success. Be patient and diligent in your hiring process, and invest in your team's dynamic and culture to create a thriving and innovative organisation.

Article written by Ioana Gheorghe, People & Culture Manager at Bright Spaces.

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