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API - Crypto Pricing data

Building CryptoCloudHosting back in 2013 we struggled to find accurate and reliable pricing data on a range of cryptocurrencies from a single provider, we eventually found various providers where we could pull data from but these weren't very reliable. 

Over the years we have worked to become independent of 3rd party APIs but unfortunately we didn't have the infrastructure to pull it off. Luckily an option opened for CryptoBates to take dedicated Data Centre hosting racks giving us much more flexibility, so development started. 

We started to build our own pricing and data API to power all of our services. We needed to build the API to collect pricing data on the thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market including prices in GBP, EUR and USD where possible. 

Our API now powers nearly all of our services which require live pricing and coin data, pricing data is averaged over 24 hours and all data is JSON formatted.

One of our services currently using our new API pricing data is

We are currently building public access to the API which will include free and paid options to historical data and real-time data.

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