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Physical artwork embedded with NFT Artwork - Video Update

Building on our NFC enabled 2017 & 2019 posters, our new collection is nearly complete! 

Our Bitopian NFT Collection will combine similar technology used in our 2017 & 2019 range but is built with the fast growing NFT space in mind. 

The collection is only available for purchase from the physical perspective via a range of high-quality prints, these will be available in two editions: 

1st Edition 'The Redeemer': Embedded with redeemable NFT Artwork

2nd Edition 'The HODLR' : Embedded with the actual NFT Artwork (Acting as a Cold Wallet storage poster)

Both the embedded NFTs will feature an exclusive MP4 animation. 

Due to the demand of our previous 'smart' posters we have increased our print run to 250 for our initial batch, with room to expand the print run to more than 5,000 (We haven't included 'rarity' as a property of the NFTs due to this). All posters will be built with separate 2FA integration (SMS/Email) for extra security. 

Another area we have been focusing on for this collection is the seamless integration of the RFID chips into the posters, we have a range of test batches we been examining and are currently in the final stages of another test run to ensure we have the best quality possible. 

Stay tuned for updates


NFC: Near-field communication

NFT: Non-fungible token

RFID: Radio-frequency identification

2FA: Two-Factor Authentication

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