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Organisations in the Lancashire region have an opportunity to join the Lancashire Cyber Alliance (LCA), which will give membership of the North West Cyber Security Cluster. This new group will offer expert cyber security advice and skills for SMEs, large businesses and other organisations, specifically in cyber security. 

The LCA are hosting their launch event on Tuesday 22nd February as a hybrid event, online and in-person located in Preston. The event topic will be discussing ‘Lancashire's Importance in the Cyber-Corridor - Why Lancashire? Why now?’. This is to introduce the aim and objectives behind the launch of Lancashire Cyber Alliance and how important it is to have a dedicated group within the Lancashire region. It is more relevant than ever to ensure organisations have the knowledge and expertise to hand about cyber security, as cyber-attacks are increasingly common and target businesses of all sizes and industries. Anyone who has an interest can attend for free and enjoy several talks from industry experts and guest speakers. 


Zain Javed, Lancashire Lead Representative, said:

“Lancashire Cyber Alliance has been created to provide a voice for the sector regionally and nationally through collaboration, innovation, and skills. We are excited to launch LCA with a fantastic line up of speakers, highlighting Lancashire's importance in the cyber corridor, and are passionate to see Lancashire and the cyber sector prosper.”


Kerry Harrison, Lead for the Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership said:

"This is a great opportunity for cyber businesses in Lancashire to be at the forefront of developments in the area.  Networking can provide excellent business opportunities for all involved"


The event will cover topics including: 

  • The extent of the cyber risk faced by businesses and organisations. 
  • The need for a diverse, inclusive and skilled workforce.
  • The economic growth potential of cyber innovation - the rich existing cyber talent and businesses, the future of cyber security in Lancashire.
  • Shining a spotlight on existing Lancashire superstars in this field, encouraging new entrants of all ages and supporting those interested in learning more. 
  • Finally, why you should join the LCA!


Guest speakers and experts at the event include:

  • Dr Daniel Prince - Senior Lecturer in Security and Protection Science, within the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University.
  • Dr Andrea Cullen - Lead Tutor and Co-Founder of CapsLock.
  • Zain Javed - Co-Founder & CTO at Mitigate Cyber, Lancaster.
  • A representative from a relevant government department – discussing plans for significant growth in the North West.
  • Professor Graham Baldwin - Vice-Chancellor at UCLan will also be giving a welcoming address.


Dr. Andrea Cullen, said:

“I am really looking forward to speaking at the Lancashire Cyber Alliance launch event. The North West is an exciting place for cyber security, and the LCA will hopefully become a strong voice for the region as a result. 

I'll be speaking on a subject that I'm very passionate about, and that's the need to diversify the UK's cyber security workforce. As with many industries, cyber suffers from a stark lack of diversity in many forms, including; socio-economic, gender, ethnicity, and neurodiversity. Starting to remedy this problem would help to close the cyber skills gap. I will speak about how we've seen sector-leading diversity in our CapsLock cyber security bootcamps, and how this will help bring some much-needed diversity of thought, skills and experience to the UK's cyber industry. 

The way I see it, the more our cyber workforce reflects the diversity of our society, the better our cyber solutions will be.”


The LCA is a spoke of the North West Cyber Security Cluster (NWCSC), that provides a voice for each region within the North West of England. The NWCSC is affiliated with the UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3) and the DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport).  


So, why not come along to the launch event of the Lancashire Cyber Alliance on Tuesday 22nd February and speak with cyber security professionals, experts and other organisations, just like yourself. Register here for your free ticket!

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