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Afflecks Palace CBD brand gets a fresh new look ahead of expansion

Inspired life logo on orange background with leaf casting a shadow

MANCHESTER’S Afflecks Palace resident Inspired Life needed a new brand identity as they plan to expand into yoga, travel and clothing sectors. 

Dawn Creative worked with owner Robert Harrop to define their true values, purpose and mission before beginning to shape their new visual identity.

In an increasingly saturated market, Inspired Life needed new branding to not only stand out, but to help communicate their commitment to inclusivity and wellbeing. The sun symbol represents life, positivity and hope, new beginnings and energy, whilst the hemp plant is a subtle nod to Inspired Life’s CBD roots and beginnings.

Jane Bartos, designer for Dawn Creative explains how important this project was for the brand.

Jane said: “Inspired life has blossomed in recent years, and we were proud to help elevate their brand, ready for when they go on to expand into different areas”. 

Dawn Creative’s approach to branding starts with a brand workshop, whereby the owner of the company chose visuals that resonated with him, and discovered the perfect tone of voice and positioning for the brand. 

Inspired Life founder Robert spent 6 years backpacking across every continent, before returning to Stockport and starting a market stall. The brand gradually grew, and now has big plans for the future in both the yoga and the travel category. 

Dawn Creative is based in Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manchester and has worked with brands such as Amplifon and Zen, amongst others. 

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