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Let’s make 2023 your year

If you’re a founder who is feeling that a little experienced and proven help is what you need right now, then this offer is for you.

I’m offering the founders of Manchester Digital member organisations the opportunity of a Founder’s Reset Workshop.

With a discount of 15% included, we will review the picture of where you are and inject new momentum to you and your business, unblocking the path to your objectives.

The Founder’s Reset Workshop is an event that I personally facilitate and together we take a fresh look at the challenges you are facing and create a new perspective and action plan.

Having started, run, and sold digital businesses, I understand how there are times when the resources around you can’t help with decisions you face.

Using the Founder’s Reset Workshop framework, we quickly cover essential topics distilled from my work with founders that are common issues.

And it’s your unique combination of circumstances that we share in the workshop that determine a simple and achievable way forward for you and your team.

The result is a transformed action plan that is completely aligned to your personal and business objectives.

In recent times, I have used the Founder’s Reset Workshop with founders just like you to :-

- improve growth and profitability (EBITDA)
- re-energise your original ambitions
- address people and succession management
- look at finances, working capital, and raising investment
- market positioning and pricing
- client base and suitability
- product range and market fit
- maximising exit value

We can run the workshop remotely, or, if required, at your offices in and around Manchester. In 4 simple steps, we go from problem to action plan.

Together, we build your priorities and your path to create the outcomes you want to achieve.

For a very founder-friendly chat about whether the Founder’s Reset Workshop could work for
you, you can get me on voice and text on 07825220167, on email at or via linkedin

Now is a great time to plan for a brilliant 2023.

Let’s have a chat about yours.

Speak soon.

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