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Deploying and using ephemeral environments

DWP Digital Podcast 10

In the latest episode of the DWP Digital podcast, hear all about how we’re using ephemeral environments to help our teams develop and test updates, products and applications in a safe, self-contained environment.

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Stu Cairns, head of engineering for Health and Disability, Carl Hoggins, lead software engineer, and Phil Harle, lead DevOps engineer discuss ephemeral environments. Often referred to as short lived, dynamic, temporary on demand environments, essentially, they're all the same thing. At the most basic level, they’re simply an environment that only exists for a defined period of time. They tend to be a collection of infrastructure or services to enable the deployment of components or applications. The emergence of ephemeral environments really took off when Cloud came to fruition and this truly enabled us to harness the elasticity of cloud to deliver environments at a rapid pace, on demand, scale to whatever needs the development teams need.

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